Sideshow Gives Us The Spider-Man vs Venom Battle We Deserve

Sideshow Collectibles Spider-Man vs Venom (Marvel) Maquette is available for pre-order now for $659.99 USD and is slated to drop Q1, 2021. Pre-Order now & Get 5% Cash Back with your Order!

I grew up on Spider-Man fighting Venom. While other kids may have seen the Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus as Spidey’s main villain, that was always Venom to me. Whether drawn by Todd McFarlane or Erik Larsen, the sight of that toothy, drool-covered grin in the comic shop told me that I was in for a great issue of Spider-Man. 

Fast forward decades later and Sideshow Collectibles has allowed me to bring that epic battle into my home by way of a beautifully sculpted Spider-Man Vs. Venom Maquette that is available for pre-order now!

Measuring in at 22” tall, this statue does an amazing, nay, a spectacular job bringing these two larger-than-life characters alive. Both Spidey and Venom are posed dynamically in a way that feels very in character for them, with the Wall-crawler pulling an acrobatic jump and Venom going for the kill. 

For long-time fans of the Lethal Protector like myself, Sideshow is offering an exclusive alternate head sculpt of Venom that recreates the more subdued Mcfarlane-esque design. While Todd McFarlane designed Venom initially, it was Erik Larsen that added the jagged teeth and slobbering tongue that we all associate with the character. This exclusive option gives you the best of both worlds if you’re really jonesing for that style.

As Sideshow always does with these impressive maquettes, there is a great base included to add some environment to the piece. This one is pulled right out of Venom’s first appearance. 

The two characters battle atop the destroyed remains of a bell tower, with the Symbiote slithering through it in order to grab Spider-Man itself. The two first fought in a church bell tower in Amazing Spider-Man #300. I love the attention to detail and the nods to the characters’ history that Sideshow is throwing in here.

Sideshow Collectibles Spider-Man vs Venom (Marvel) Maquette is available for pre-order now for $659.99 USD and is slated to drop Q1, 2021. Pre-Order now & Get 5% Cash Back with your Order!


“Is that you, Venom? Threatening me again?”

Sideshow presents the Spider-Man vs Venom Maquette, two classic rivals facing off in your universe of Marvel collectibles.

It’s a super-powered showdown in New York City! The Spider-Man vs Venom Maquette measures 22” tall as the wall-crawler and his fated foe battle it out on the wreckage of a toppled church bell tower. Tendrils of the sinister alien symbiote sneak around the base, snaring Peter Parker’s arm as he takes aim at Eddie Brock’s altered self.

The polyresin Spider-Man vs Venom Maquette is a fully sculpted, highly dynamic collectible that brings two iconic Marvel characters together in your collection. Venom’s monstrous, muscular physique ripples with dark Klyntar symbiote as he prepares to strike with claws, fangs, and his terrifying tongue. His signature look is complete with sculpted white spider-symbols, swirled eyes, and the white web-shooter markings on his hands. As quick to THWIP as he is to quip, Spider-Man displays his extreme acrobatic ability in this battle, leaping out of harm’s way to get a better angle against his rampaging foe. His vibrant red and blue costume features sculpted black web textures running throughout the arms, legs, and torso, complete with a raised black spider-symbol on his chest and large white eye lenses on his mask. 

The Exclusive Edition of the Spider-Man vs Venom Maquette includes a swap-out classic Venom portrait, which features larger eyes and a toothy, tongueless jaw. Take Spidey’s enemy back to his early days with this exclusive additional display option.

Bring the battle to your Marvel collection and order the Spider-Man vs Venom Maquette today!

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