A Guide To Every Sixth Scale Wolverine Figure Ever Made

Despite all of their popularity, the X-Men have often struggled to spin-off their characters into solo success. That is, with the exception of one lone amnesiac loose cannon and his six adamantium claws. Everyone loves Wolverine, whether it be in the comics, on the movie screen, or in cartoons. Such perennial popularity has inspired plenty of collectibles based on the character, including those of the Sixth Scale variety.

We’re going to take a look at every 1/6 scale Wolverine figure ever made (at least that we know of) in order to see which of the Wolverines you absolutely must own. Let’s get to it, bub.

Hot Toys MMS 103 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 

The first take on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine produced by Hot Toys is still one of their best. This fact is despite the source material being one of the worst, if not the worst, X-Men films to date. The casual look that Logan is rocking here is spot on to the character and while some collectors disagree about how accurate the final product’s head sculpt captures Jackman’s likeness, the figure is instantly recognizable as Wolverine so I’m calling it a win. 

Hot Toys MMS 187 X-Men: The Last Stand – Wolverine

Continuing Hot Toys’ trend of making well-done Wolverine figures based on horribly-done films, this iteration of Logan is based on Brett Ratner’s ill-conceived finale of the original X-Men trilogy. This black jumpsuit with the yellow trim has never been a favorite of mine (it’s very Disco), but Hot Toys does a serviceable job here. Jackman’s snarling face is pure Wolverine and the damaged Sentinel head is a cool accessory if nothing to write home about. 

Hot Toys MMS 220 The Wolverine

Call me a style minimalist, but I’ve always enjoyed this version of the ol’ Canucklehead the best. You wouldn’t think a Logan figure would look absolutely stunning garbed in a simple all-black suit and tie with an overcoat, but he sure pulls off the look. Upping the accessory count pushes this release up even more in my estimation, as you’re given some clothing options, a metal Japanese sword and alternate hands with bone claws! The top Wolverine figure in my opinion.

Hot Toys MMS 264 X-Men: Days of Future Past – Wolverine

The last official release of Wolverine from Hot Toys is pretty unremarkable, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong; the usual amazing job has been done on the sculpting, paint, and tailoring. However, the outfit itself is pretty boring (though Hot Toys recreates it in 1/6 form remarkably) and the figure comes with a few extra hands, a stand and that’s it. Take a look at Wolverine’s face; even he’s bored to death by this one. It can surprisingly fetch a fair bit on the after market though if you are looking to part ways with your own.

Worldbox X OneToys Logan: Steel Wolf

One of many third-party companies filling the gap left by Hot Toys when they inexplicably decided not to make a figure based on the Logan film. OneToys does a fair job here. With a Worldbox AT-012 body included, the figure comes with two clothing options labeled as Driver Outfitand Forest Outfit for you to choose from. Both of these looks give you a fairly accurate representation of different scenes from the film. The head sculpt, while not a Hot Toys-level likeness of Hugh Jackman, does an okay job making the actor recognizable. Worth it for the outfits. 

SooSoo Toys Logan: One Last Time

Also entering the arena of third party Logan figures is SooSoo Toys with their own rendition of the character in his driver suit.  Figures like this, because of their nondescript outfits, tend to rely heavily on the strength of the head sculpts, and this Logan comes with two great ones. The promotional prototype photos do nothing for this figure, but the final product’s likeness to Hugh Jackman is very strong with both the calm and angry portraits, though SooSoo’s Logan headsculpt that comes as an extra with their X24 release is the best of the bunch. Otherwise, this is a solid release with decent accessories. They do get bonus points for including the X-Men comic book from the film and an additional hand with one middle claw popping out.

SooSoo Toys X24

While this figure is actually the evil clone (Groan. I know.) of our favorite Canucklehead from the Logan film, he gets an entry here since he is, for all intents and purposes, a Wolverine figure. Moreover, the figure comes with an outfit and head sculpt that allows you to make a second actual Logan figure! While the X24 headsculpt is fairly decent at insinuating that this is supposed to be Hugh Jackman, the Logan headsculpt is far more successful. Also included is a figure stand that matches the one SooSoo gave their Logan – One Last Time release, which is always nice for display purposes. Great set.

Sideshow Collectibles Wolverine

While most Sixth Scale figures of Wolverine are based on his appearances in the X-Men films, Sideshow Collectibles have cornered the (admittedly small) market on comic book renditions of the character. This figure, inspired by the classic brown and yellow costume Logan wore in the 1980s, is a decent shot at capturing the coolness of this iconic look. That said, it fails miserably. The redesign of the costume isn’t too bad, but the base body they chose to go with makes him look sickly thin and his costume ill-fitting. He’s got solid accessories (I love the hanging cowl) but the Logan portrait just doesn’t work for me. Overall, Sideshow’s offering is a figure with lots of wasted potential but potential nonetheless.

DamToys Gangsters Kingdom GH011 Diamond 5 Ralap

Is this really a Wolverine figure? Well, he’s got three long metal claws that he wields with each hand, comes with an excellent cigar accessory, and has a pretty unique hairstyle. Yeah, this is a Wolverine figure. Obviously inspired by a more comic book, stylized take on Logan, Dam’s Ralap comes with plenty that keeps him from being just a Third Party Wolverine but there is enough in both his accessories and taste in clothing that makes the inference obvious. This figure has the hands-down best animated-style Logan head sculpt of any action figure ever and that alone makes this release great.

Honorable Mentions

SW Toys FS029 Logan (Uncle Lo)

This version of a younger Logan hasn’t been released yet, but he is still available for preorder out there. From what little is shown via promotional shots, the figure looks like a serviceable rendition of Jackman’s Wolverine. We’ll have to wait and see how the final product turns out.

Sideshow Collectibles Wolverine (Tiger Stripe Costume)

Yet another unreleased Wolverine figure that is available for preorder an as such, cannot be judged much. That said, what we can take away from photographs is that Sideshow’s sophomore effort looks to be a much more satisfactory Wolverine figure all around. The costume fits better, the design isn’t unnecessarily overcomplicated and the head sculpt is more restrained. The inclusion of the bone claws as an exclusive extra is a nice touch too. I’m excited about this one. 

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