Prime 1 Studios and Blitzway Team Up To Give Fans The Joker Movie Statue They Deserve

Ever since 2019’s Joker film was announced, fans and collectors have been ravenously expecting merchandise to appear. There are very few things that fans of the Batman franchise enjoy more than filling their shelves with statues and figures and comics based on their favorite characters, whether they are heroes or villains. However, Joker was the odd time that no merchandise was announced in conjunction with a film. Until now, that is.

Prime 1 Studios and Blitzway, in a collaboration that will make many people happy, have just announced a statue based on Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker as part of their Museum Masterline series. 

Before collectors get excited, they may want to run out and possibly pull off a heist the likes of which the Joker himself is known for. Prime 1 Statues don’t come cheap, and this one is yet another example of that fact. With a price tag of over $1000, this piece is definitely for the true fan. That said, it looks to be well worth the price tag.

Clocking in at an impressive 28 inches tall, the 1:3 scale statue is a true work of art. Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck is brought to vivid life in a wonderful recreation of his stairway dance from the film.

The figure is clothed in a beautifully tailored suit, which works in concert to make the sculpt seem exceptionally realistic. Pairing a statue of this magnitude with fabric clothing adds something a fully sculpted piece would lack, so Prime 1 and Blitzway going this route is very welcome.

Augmenting the stairway base, there are plenty of removable accessories are included as well, which is always a great bonus. 

Being able to swap out iconic elements of the film like the “Don’t Forget to Smile” poster or the pistol push a work like this into another level of fan service, which is always nice to see with a high-end item like this. 

The Prime 1 Studios x Blitzway Joker Museum Masterline Statue – The Joker -1/3 Scale Statueis available for pre-order now and is slated to drop Q2, 2O21.

Product Description

The most realistic version of the classic DC villain The Joker returns to the Museum Masterline statue series in 1/3 scale from the artisians at Prime 1 Studios and Blitzway.

The 2019 psychological thriller film depicts the breakdown of Arthur Fleck, a man forced to smile and endure a ridiculously painful life as he falls into the depths of darkness, liberates his inner violence and madness, and slowly turns into The Joker.

Celebrating 80 years of the Clown Prince of Crime, Blitzway and Prime 1 Studio announce their second collaboration: The Joker 1:3 Scale statue—based on the 2019 film starring Joaquin Phoenix. Working together to create the best Joker of all time, both groups have successfully managed to sculpt this huge masterpiece through close cooperation and developmental exchanges throughout the entire production process—from concept design, production, shooting, and the announcement of the project.

Starting from the very small details, Prime 1 and Blitzway poured all of their efforts into recreating the appearance of Joker, including the vivid facial expressions, costumes that have been realistically scaled down, a diorama base that has been designed from the iconic scenes of the movie, and main props that can connect the fragments of the movie that exists in the memories of the fans.

Under the perfect direction of Blitzway and Prime 1 Studio, the skills and aesthetics of Blitzway’s world-class specialists were combined to create the ultimate, beautiful piece of art.

This bonus version includes a clown mask—perfect to give your collection a little color!

Product Features

  • 28 x 13 x 15 inches (70cm x 35cm x 38.2cm)
  • 1/3 Scale
  • Made of polystone, fabric, and other materials
  • Based on the 2019 Joker film
  • Part of the Museum Masterline series
  • Depicts incredible likeness to Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker
  • Features fabric tailored suit jacket that can be posed
  • Includes multiple display options and bases
  • Bonus version including a clown mask

Box Contents

  • The Joker statue
  • 2 Pairs of interchangeable hands
  • 9 Props
    • Gun
    • Magic flower wand
    • Joke book
    • Bag
    • Rat
    • Broken sign
    • Poster
    • Pictures
    • Condition card
  • Staircase base
  • Bonus clown mask

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