The Man Who Broke Batman’s Back Finally Gets The Statue He Deserves

Sideshow Collectibles is bringing the man who broke the Bat into our homes and onto our shelves with their newest Maquette, Bane. Measuring in at 26” tall and standing atop a diorama base littered with the damaged remnants of the Batmobile, the villain looks as imposing as you would imagine. 

Sculpted completely out of polyresin and painted impeccably, Bane appears to step right out of the comics that birthed him. Sideshow has done an amazing job taking everything that works about Bane on the page and then translating that into a three-dimensional figure. 

Bane is one of those Batman villains that has managed to achieve the notoriety of someone like the Joker, despite only really being known for one iconic storyline: Knightfall. During that mid-90s comic book crossover, Bane meticulously chipped away at the Dark Knight’s resolve and sanity until he was able to personally defeat him by breaking the hero’s back.

All in all, a pretty memorable debut and a solid reason why the villain has maintained his status in fans’ minds. I love the idea of a villain who is not only as physically imposing as the Caped Crusader himself, but just as deadly in his tactics. 

The Sideshow Collectibles Bane Maquette is available now for pre-order and is slated to release Q2-Q3, 2021. Batman fans should be sure to reinforce their shelves in anticipation of this muscular monster!

“Still they cry out for him, for their hero and savior…but he is broken, and Gotham is mine!”

Sideshow presents the Bane Maquette, breaking his way into the lineup of DC Comics collectibles.

The Bane Maquette measures 26” tall standing on the debris of a damaged Batmobile, with one wheel removed and its front bumper peeled apart. Eager for a real challenge, the ruthless King of Peña Duro cracks his bloodied knuckles in anticipation of a battle against Batman while fueled by the Venom drug in his veins.

The polyresin Bane Maquette features an entirely sculpted costume and an incredibly muscular physique inspired by his appearance in DC Comics. He wears a black wrestling uniform, scuffed and bloodstained at the knees. Additionally, Bane has textured lace-up boots, a pair of black gloves, and a silver belt holding the tank of Venom, which is pumped into the villain via the vibrant green tubes attached to his neck, head, and left wrist. Every inch of the Man Who Broke the Bat exudes intimidating strength, his massive form detailed down to the rippling veins in his arms.

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