Hot Toys Sets The Death Watch Mandalorian Loose

When you’re Disney, Star Wars and Hot Toys and you’re all basking in the success of a hit streaming show, there’s only one hard and fast rule: 

You can never have too many Mandalorians.

While Hot Toys’ series of Mandalorian figures is still fairly small in the grand scope of things, this Death Watch Mando marks the fourth release of a Mandalorian. While the first two are of the titular character who is the protagonist of the show, the third was another member, the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian. This latest release is also another character, allowing for collectors to fill out the ranks of the warrior group.

This Death Watch Mando is much more reminiscent of fans’ first introduction to the Mandalorian race, Boba Fett. Despite that Fett himself was not a proper Mandalorian, its his specific design that I think of as a default and I’m sure that I’m not alone. 

I’m really digging the brown and blue color scheme here. The two colors pop in contrast with each other and the whole motif really works for this character. At a certain point, different versions of characters that are so similar like the Mandalorian can begin looking like simple palette swaps, so the least you can do is make those different palettes attractive! 

An army of Mandalorians on the shelf is an appealing prospect, so this is a nice addition to the Star Wars collection. 

The Hot Toys TMS 26 The Mandalorian: Death Watch Mandalorian Sixth Scale Figure is available for pre-order now and is slated to release Q4, 2021 – Q1, 2022.

The Mandalorian™ – 1/6th scale Death Watch Mandalorian™ Collectible Figure 

During a Separatist attack on the settlement of Aq Vetina™, the young Din Djarin™ was under attack by super battle droids, but before any harm could come to the boy, a group of Death Watch Mandalorians arrived to take out the droids and rescue Din.

With a new season of the highly anticipated The Mandalorian debuting soon, Hot Toys is delighted to expand The Mandalorian collectible series further and officially introducing the new 1/6th scale Death Watch Mandalorian collectible figure today!

The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of the Death Watch Mandalorian who rescued the young Din Djarin in the show. It features highly detailed helmet and armor pieces with weathering effects, skillfully tailored outfit, finely sculpted jetpack with real-like thruster fire accessories, two blasters, and a figure base.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to include the stunning Death Watch Mandalorian 1/6th scale collectible figure from The Mandalorian in your Star Wars collection! “This is the way.”

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