The Merciless Batman 1/3 Statue Brings War To Prime 1 Studios!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Everyone loves Batman.

So when the comics decided that the coolest idea in the world would be to introduce a bunch of alternate universe Batmen that not only were bad guys, but also Batmen that were mashed up with his Justice League teammates, they were right. It was the coolest idea in the world. And when Prime 1 Studios decided to make statues of each and every one of those Batmen? 

That was the coolest idea in the world too.

The latest of the Dark Nights to be immortalized in statue form, The Merciless, is the answer to the question, “What if Batman killed and stole the mantle of Ares, God of War, and then basically killed everyone else, including his lover, Wonder Woman?” This is an insanely metal idea and the result is just as metal as you’d think.

The Merciless’ design is a crazy mix of Ares, Batman and a sprinkle of Wonder Woman added for good measure. The blue armor, while being true to Ares’ coloring, also works as a nod to the Caped Crusader, as does the bat wings on his helm. The sheer size of the monstrous character lends itself to the 1/3 scale of the statue. This thing feels huge and, standing at 44 inches tall, he truly is. 

As if the massive God-killer sword he wields and the molten base he stands upon wasn’t enough, the figure comes with two swappable heads for extra display options. 

The Prime 1 Studios Dark Nights: Death Metal Museum Masterline The Merciless 1/3 Scale Statue is available for pre-order now and is slated to release Q2, 2022.

“Bruce Wayne is back and this time he isn’t playing for the good guys! In a parallel universe, known as Earth -12, Ares, the God of War has created a helmet that amplifies his power a hundredfold! In this universe, Diana, better known as Wonder Woman, teams up with Batman for a period of two years in an attempt to stop Ares from taking over the world. In this attempt to finally kill Ares, Batman dawns the God of War’s helmet despite Wonder Woman’s warning about it’s corrupting influence. In doing this, Batman completely loses his own moral code and becomes mad with power. He kills the love of his life Diana and goes on a slaughtering spree, fully enveloping the mantle of the God of War and becoming The Merciless!

Prime 1 Studio has captured The Merciless in the most iconic of poses based on the concept by the revered Comic Artist, Jason Fabok. Batman stands 44 inches tall upon a rocky-volcanic themed base. The Merciless holds the infamous God Killer sword high and mighty, ready to destroy anyone who crosses his path.

The base is reminiscent of classic Batman pieces with a gargoyle protruding through the front, following the base theme of trademark gargoyles for all of our Dark Nights pieces! It also features the memorial of Diana, a reminder to all the destruction the helmet could cause. The base, pose, and armor brilliantly come together to convey the essence of his power, vigor, and ruthlessness! Prime 1 have crafted this Dark Night with the most precise attention to detail to bring you the most comic accurate The Merciless on the market! A must-have for DC Metal fans everywhere!”

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