PCS Collectibles Challenges You To Take On Their 1/3 Scale Street Fighter M. Bison Statue

Street Fighter is one of those franchises that has transcended its origin as one thing, in this case a video game, and spread to become whatever it needs to be in several other media. This time around, its a collectible statue that the Street Fighter characters have manifested as and what an awesome statue it is. M. Bison, the granddaddy of fighting game Big Bads, is getting the PCS Collectible treatment, so let’s take a brief look.

I remember the halcyon days of taking a bus with my friends to the closest arcade, which was located in the back of a Nathan’s hot dog restaurant. This was back in the early mid-90s, so it was prime time for fighting games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. The character of M. Bison was, in a lot of ways, pretty intimidating to me, since only the better players would choose him. Even after all of this time, Bison still has a weight for me that allows him to maintain a scary, badass vibe.

This PCS Collectibles take on the bad guy does an excellent job conveying everything I still feel for M. Bison. He’s massive, he’s powerful and he’s quite scary. The mixed media route they’ve chosen to go here with the fabric outfit is a great touch that I always love in larger scale statues like this. The light-up option on Bison’s hand and his eyes is also a nice addition that probably wasn’t necessary, but is extremely welcome. 

Video game and pop culture fans are going to love this M. Bison statue and I can’t wait to get this massive baddie on my shelf.

The PCS Collectibles Street Fighter M. Bison 1:3 Scale Statue is available for pre-order now and is slated to release Q3, 2021.

“You cannot fight destiny. The world will be mine. Sideshow and PCS present the M. Bison Alpha 1:3 Scale Statue, ready to dominate your roster of Street Fighter collectibles. The M. Bison Alpha 1:3 Scale Statue measures 29″ tall and 19.5″ wide, striking a dominating stance on top of a base inspired by the in-game Temple Hideout stage from the Street Fighter series. The temple base features tiles with a stone-like appearance as well as four of the signature golden statues seen throughout the level. This evil Shadaloo leader is dressed in his red uniform from Street Fighter Alpha, consisting of tailored pants and a tailored overcoat with black hems, as well as a black cape draped over his shoulders. M. Bison also has a sculpted physique that faithfully recreates his Street Fighter series character model to give fans a highly accurate video game collectible of an iconic villain in a classic costume.”

“The mixed media M. Bison 1:3 Scale Statue includes a number of detailed swap-out elements that allows collectors to choose a winning combo for display. The maniacal dictator comes with one stoic portrait and one grinning portrait, each with a detailed facial sculpt, white eyes, black hair, and a sculpted red cap, blending the game’s animated style with incredible realism. M. Bison also includes two interchangeable left hands, one with an open-handed gesture and one with a blue flame effect as he charges his Psycho Power for a devastating attack. Both portraits and the flame-hand feature LED light-up capability for an even more engaging presentation. Submit to the might of Shadaloo and bring home the M. Bison Alpha 1:3 Scale Statue by PCS today.”

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