SooSooToys Raises The Heat In Hell’s Kitchen With Blind Vigilante Figure

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was always about its cinematic releases, as its name suggests. Despite claims from Marvel that their television and streaming shows like Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. And Runaways mattered, it became pretty obvious that they barely and rarely did. Despite that realization by fans, the four streaming series that aired on Netflix were amongst the most popular franchises that Marvel produced, and none were more popular from that batch then Daredevil. SooSooToys knows this and has announced their newest 1/6 figure inspired by the series.

The three seasons fans were lucky enough to get (along with a bonus “team-up” series, The Defenders) were solid television and highly entertaining superheroics. The tale of blind lawyer turned masked vigilante, Daredevil, remains one of my favorite Marvel productions and I wish they would find someway to continue the cancelled series. 

While I and most fans like the “superhero” red and black outfit that the Man Without Fear eventually graduates to by the end of the first season, there’s something about his more casual, nondescript proto-costume that just looks so cool. Maybe its the ropes tied around his forearms or the bandana pulled low over his eyes, but whatever it is, it works extremely well. It’s success is probably why they brought the look back in Season 3.

SooSooToys looks to have brought this iteration of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to life wonderfully, giving him everything he needs to kick butt and look cool doing it. I can’t wait to see how this figure stacks up against my other Sixth Scale MCU figures. Yes, even the Cinematic ones. 

The SooSooToys SST024 Blind Vigilante Sixth Scale Figure is available now for pre-order and is slated to release Q4, 2020.

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