Mezco Toyz Adds DC Comics Mystical Master Doctor Fate To Their Bag Of Tricks

I’m a huge fan of the lesser know superheroes out there, especially those from the universes of DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Doctor Fate was DC’s Doctor Strange long before Doctor Strange even existed and yet, not many non-comic fans are aware of his existence. A powerful sorcerer that gains his power from mystical helmet that is haunted by its original owner, Dr. Fate is getting the top shelf treatment thanks to Mezco’s One:12 Collective line!

While I originally scoffed at Mezco Toyz’ pricing here, the more I look at what’s included with this release, the more I come around to feeling the price is a valid one. $95 may seem a bit much for a B-lister like Fate, but the route that Mezco has gone with him more than earns it. 

Not only does the Doctor come with an unmasked head sculpt of his alter ego, Kent Nelson, but he also comes with an “empty” helmet of Fate, which is a nice inclusion. Making it even more awesome is the light-up feature that comes inside a third portrait, which works in tandem with the light-up feature in his torso. 

One of the cooler “super powers” of Doctor Fate is his ability to cast magical projections during battle, and Mezco has given collectors three different options! One in the form of the ankh would have been enough, but two more on top of that?! Yes, please.

All in all, this Dr. Fate is likely the only figure of the character we’ll ever need and I’m extremely happy that Mezco Toyz saw fit to do him right. 

The Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Doctor Fate Figure is available for pre-order now and is slated for Q2, 2021.

“The One:12 Collective welcomes Dr. Fate, the most powerful heroic sorcerer on Earth. The One:12 Collective Dr. Fate wears a fitted bodysuit underneath his fortified light-up chest armor, a leather-like cape with integrated posing wire, a leather-like tasset, and knee-high boots. The Master of Magic comes complete with two head portraits including a Helmet of Fate portrait with light-up eyes and an unmasked Kent Nelson portrait. An additional Helmet of Fate is included that can be held.”

“Dr. Fate proves his magical prowess is unmatched, complete with three different magic projection effects that attach to his wrist-mounted posing post and the Book of Thoth, a magic tome containing dangerous spells. The Book of Thoth can open and close, features real paper pages, and comes with an additional wrist-mounted posing post. Harnessing magical powers older than the beginning of human civilization, Dr. Fate has been defending the side of light since the days of ancient Egypt. If there is a supernatural power that threatens to engulf planet Earth, rest assured that Dr. Fate will be at the ready.”

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