The Court Of Owls Has Sentenced You To Die With Prime 1 Studio’s Talon Statue

Batman knows everything about Gotham City, right? 


It turns out there is an age-old secret society called the Court of Owls that has been controlling the metropolis’ destiny, which Batman fans discovered in writer Scott Snyder’s classic Batman comic book storyline back in 2011. Whenever things don’t go well for the Court, they call on their army of Talons, undead assassins that lurk in the night and pay lethal house calls to any who cross their masters. Prime 1 Studio has revealed that they’re bringing the Talon to collectors’ shelves with a new 1/3 scale statue and it looks epic.

The Talons are one of the most visually-appealing bad guys that Batman has had in a long time. There’s something creepy and bad ass about their design and I’m quite surprised that they don’t have more merchandise made of them. That said, the wait is definitely worth it because Prime 1 has brought them to deadly life masterfully.

Posed leaping into action off of a Court of Owls styled display base, the Talon just pops, especially with the gold trim of his outfit. Speaking of the base, I love the different owl nods here, from actual owls to the large statue the character is jumping from. The masks lining the base are a nice touch too, being the masks that the actual members of the Court wear during their clandestine meetings in order to remain anonymous. 

For fans of Batman and, specifically, this storyline, this Talon statue is above and beyond what they could have hoped for. Prime 1 has shown some major love and affection for the Talon and the Court of Owls with this piece and I’m sure any collector would be happy to have it on their shelf.

The Prime 1 Studio DC Comics’ Talon 1/3 Scale Statue is available for pre-order now and is slated to release Q1, 2022. 

“The Court of Owls has sentenced you to die. How I love killing Waynes!” “Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the timeless Museum Masterline Series. The highly skilled assassin MMDC-46: Talon from the Court of Owls. The great grandfather of Dick Grayson, William Cobb, AKA Talon is one of most revered assassins in the Court of Owls. His powers are rare and allow him to be one of the most formidable foes in Gotham. Talon has extreme accelerated healing abilities and does not physically age. He is a master of martial arts and swordsmanship, making him virtually unbeatable.”

“Charging forward is the assassin Talon. Swords drawn and ready to take out his next victim in the blink of an eye! Talon has been sculpted and painted in accordance with his classic comic book appearance. The beautiful contrast of the gold, complete with weapons on his suit, make for an eye-catching piece that will set your collection apart from the rest! Talon stands in a breathtaking dynamic pose 30 inches tall upon an ominous Court of Owls base, complete with the mysterious Court of Owls emblem, making it the perfect complement to his image. Bring the assassin to your collection today! A must-have for DC Comics fans everywhere!”

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