PCS Collectibles Runs Circles Around Collectors With 1/10 Scale Velocity Suit Spider-Man Statue

Released back in 2018, Insomniac Games’ original Spider-Man for the Sony PlayStation 4 console seems to be standing the test of time, gaining in popularity even as a sequel of sorts has been released for the new PlayStation 5. Some of that has to do with a Remastered edition recently being produced, as well as plenty of merchandise from the game getting into collectors’ hands. One company putting out some of that merchandise is PCS Collectibles.

 The company, along with Sideshow Collectibles, has been announcing the various costumes the superhero wears in the game at a steady clip. Adding one more of those suits to the list, the Velocity Suit Spider-Man has been revealed and placed up for pre-order.

Gifting Spider-Man enhanced speed that can be channeled as a weapon against his enemies, the Velocity Suit is one of the few costumes that the wallcrawler wears that is completely original to the video game. While most of the different “skins” that players can cycle through are based on the comics and other existing media in the Spider-Man mythos, this is quite unique and adds some variety to the shelf of any Spidey collector.

PCS looks to be producing every one of the various alternate looks for Spider-Man from the game, so this Velocity offering is a must-have for completists or those just looking for a cool-looking variation on the classic Spidey look. 

The PCS Collectibles Spider-Man (2018) Velocity Suit 1/10 Scale Statue is available now for pre-order and is slated to be released in Q3, 2021. 

“I’ll clear a path, follow me!”

Faithfully based on the costume’s in-game model, the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity Suit 1/10 Scale Statue measures 7.5 inches tall on a circular black base that evokes the game’s scientific interface.

This highly detailed Marvel collectible portrays Spider-Man’s alternate Velocity Suit, which features unique turquoise spider symbols on the front and back. The legs of the spider symbol crawl and create a turquoise tech lining, tracing Spider-Man’s musculature between the hard plates of this armored outfit. Spider-Man’s grip tightens in his gilded gauntlets, and his silver stare narrows as he locks onto his next target.

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