Journey To The Overlook Hotel With Redman Toys New The Shining 1/6 Figures

It seems like toy companies have all been rewatching The Shining lately. Recently, Present Toys announced their take on Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance character in Sixth Scale form and now Redman Toys has done the same. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Redman has doubled down on the classic Stanley Kubrick film and is also producing the creepy and iconic Twins as well! This is a good time to be a horror fan.

Redman really captures Nicholson’s likeness well, with just a slight amount of exaggeration here that matches my memories of the films perfectly. The figure is wearing the outfit he’s wearing at the end of the film and comes with some great accessories, from simple items like a pack of Marlboro cigarettes to Jack’s all important typewriter and, of course, the axe. As I probably mentioned with the Present Toys release, this role is one of the highlights of Nicholson’s career, so to have him on my shelf is terribly exciting. 

Event more exciting than just having Jack in my collection is the chance to have the unnerving Twins from the film on my shelf too. In many of the most uncomfortable scenes in the film, the Grady Twins appear to Jack’s young son, Danny, and beckon him to come play with them. 

The Twins are victims of the Overlook Hotel, foreshadowing Danny’s possible fate. Being able to have these girls on the shelf beside Jack is pretty awesome and I can only hope Redman eventually adds a young Danny Torrance on huis tricycle to the line. 

Redman Toys RM049 Jack Torrance Sixth Scale Figure and the Redman Toys RM050 The Twins Sixth Scale Figure Set are both available for pre-order now and are slated to release Q3, 2021. 

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