The Hunt Is On With Mezco Toyz New Predator One: 12 Collective Figure

Last year at NYCC 2019, Mezco Toyz revealed that they would be entering the Predator 1/12 scale market, one which has been almost exclusively and definitively ruled by NECA Toys. A year later, we now have the full reveal and pre-order information of the release and it is glorious. NECA may have to watch out.

Towering over most other entries in the One:12 Collective line at 8 inches tall, this specific Predator is based on the very first member of the expert hunter alien race that fans met in the original 1988 cult classic action film. 

I absolutely love the original film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers. When I think of unapologetically macho action flicks, Predator is the one and only one king of them all and I never get tired of rewatching it every few years. It is so much fun that it would be difficult to not get excited about a new Predator action figure. 

Mezco has done some creative things with this release, such as adding interchangeable mouthpieces, allowing for the unmasked Predator portrait to have different expressions. 

For those who enjoy their alien warriors shy, the helmet can also attach via magnets and even has an LED light-up feature. Throw in some more light-up features in the backpack and shoulder canon and you have a Predator that will definitely get some attention on the shelf.

This Predator figure has the potential to be the definitive 1/12 scale iteration of the character and I’m eager to find out if that will be the case.

The Mezco Toyz One: 12 Collective Predator Deluxe Edition Figure is available for pre-order now and is slated to release Q3, 2021. 

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

Predator has arrived to hunt the One:12 Collective!

The One:12 Collective Predator is outfitted in battle armor with thermal netting and a fortified chest plate, allowing for greater mobility while hunting. The ruthless hunter comes with 2 removable bandoliers made from the bones of his prey and features a head portrait with an interchangeable mouthpiece and light-up bio-helmet – all attached via a magnet.

Predator always has the upper hand and comes complete with advanced weaponry such as a shoulder-mounted Plasmacaster with light-up function – capable of firing armor-penetrating plasma blasts at distant targets, wrist gauntlet with interchangeable blades, backpack with removable Medicomp, removable trophy accessories, and a severed spine and skull that can be held.

Characterized by their hunting of other dangerous species for sport and honor, Predators are a superhuman species that use a combination of highly advanced technology such as energy weapons and active camouflage.

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