ThreeZero Strikes Again With G.I. Joe Storm Shadow 1/6 Figure

Hot off of the heels of their recent Snake-Eyes Sixth Scale Figure reveal, ThreeZero has now announced the character’s mortal enemy is joining him on the shelf: Storm Shadow!

When ThreeZero announced that they had teamed up with Hasbro and acquired the license to produce 1/6 Scale G.I. Joe figures, fans were ecstatic. It had been years since Sideshow Collectibles had produced their own iterations of the Joes in Sixth Scale and the time was ripe for a new go at the franchise in a larger scale. Their Snake-Eyes wowed a lot of people, so eagerness to see who would be next was high. Well, no one should should be surprised that Thomas Arishikage, a.k.a. Storm Shadow, is the answer.

Like with Snake-Eyes, ThreeZero has updated the character’s classic outfit but modernized it in a way that still remains close to the original design, I’m a huge proponent of these “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” takes on older characters. I understand the need to alter things to keep them fresh, but you don’t need to change things too radically when its not necessary. 

ThreeZero seem too know this and have kept Storm Shadow’s silhouette classic, simply adding some more detail and tactical updates to pieces like his torso piece and gloves. 

I immediately know who this character is supposed to be and that is the sign of a successfully updated figure in my opinion. This take on the Cobra ninja is excellent. I haven’t been this excited about G.I. Joe merchandise in a long time and I continue to be impressed with ThreeZero’s handling of the line. I can’t wait for more.

The ThreeZero G.I. Joe – Storm Shadow Sixth Scale Collectible Figure is available now for pre-order and is slated to release Q3, 2021. 

“Threezero teams up with Hasbro once again for their series of 1/6 scale collectible figures—all redesigned by Threezero and inspired by Hasbro’s retro G.I. Joe characters! 

Standing 12 inches tall, the 1/6 Storm Shadow collectible figure features Threezero’s standard fully-articulated body with fabric hand-tailored costuming with a high attention to detail. Storm Shadow includes a full loadout of accessories including his nunchaku, a recurve bow, 2 quivers, 2 katana with sheathes, 3 tactical pouches, 4 arrows, and 5 pairs of hands.”

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