Hawkgirl Flies High With Iron Studios Statue

DC Comics often has characters that really deserve more of a spotlight, but rarely get it. Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl, is definitely one of those heroes. While the character was quite popular back when she starred in the hit Justice League Unlimited cartoon, it’s now up to Iron Studios to keep the flame lit for her with their newly-revealed 1/10 scale statue.

The long-time member of the Justice League and Justice Society, Hawkgirl, or as she is sometimes know, Hawkwoman, has been a staple of the DC Universe for a long time now. The eternal lover of Hawkman, Carter Hall, Kendra is destined to reincarnate over and over through the ages in search of justice. 

Iron Studios has chosen to lean more classic with the character’s costume, which is a welcome touch. When in doubt, always go classic, as far as I’m concerned.

The wing span on the figure is exceptional, pushing the height of this piece to 14” tall, which is quite a lot for 1/10 scale. I’m a fan of a big footprint for statues, no matter what scale, so I’m excited to see how the sculpt of these wings looks in hand. It will be tough to ignore this Hawkgirl on the shelf, which is as it should be.

The Iron Studios BDS Art Scale 1/10 DC Comics Hawkgirl Statue is available for pre-order now and is slated for release Q3, 2021.

Iron Studios brings the Winged Champion of the Justice League!

The winged warrior takes flight over her debris base that features her hawk-inspired logo, displayed breaking through a spaceship window. Hawkgirl has been sculpted in an impressive pose with her wings spread as she advances with her mace—made of mystical metal capable of affecting magical creatures—and her mighty left fist ready for combat.

Originally created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville, Shayera—known as Hawkgirl—can communicate with birds, has superhuman strength, high flight speed, hand-to-hand combat skills, durability, reflexibility, and resistance on the battlefield, along with improved hearing, regeneration, the ability to regulate her temperature, and keen eyesight, all thanks to the contact with the umpteenth metal. In addition, Shayera is an incredible and observant detective, so much so that even Batman is impressed by her analysis and expertise!

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