Asmus Builds Collectors’ Armies With LOTR 1/6 Scale Elven Warrior and Elven Archer Figures

It’s been a long time since I have watched Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, but Asmus Toys is making me feel like its probably time for a rewatch soon. Following up on recent releases of main story protagonists like Aragorn, Asmus has announced two 1/6 Elf army builders for our LOTR displays: The Elven Warrior and The Elven Archer.

The design for these two is an interesting choice, as they’re directly based on the Elven Army from “The Last Alliance of Elves and Men” in the battle against Sauron that predated the main narrative of the trilogy. While that fact is unexpected, I am digging the out-of-the-box choice, allowing collectors to flesh out the world of Tolkien in their collection. 

While the two different releases are quite similar, there are some notable differences that make each unique. The obvious points are the weapons, with the Archer predictably with a long bow, quiver and arrows. The Warrior comes with a blade and scabbard, as well as a lance. Both figures come with a large golden shield. 

The removable helmet sculpt for both looks the same, but the head sculpts are also unique for each, which is a welcome touch by Asmus Toys. I doubt that they would have just gone the cheap route and given us the same Elven face under each, but it’s always possible. Luckily, that is not an issue we have to deal with. 

Asmus’ The Lord of The Rings series is fleshing out nicely and I am excited to see what we’re going to get next.

The Asmus Toys The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring – Elven Warrior Sixth Scale Figure and the Asmus Toys  The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring – Elven Archer Sixth Scale Figure are both available for pre-order and are slated to release Q1, 2021. 

“Elven warrior, an elite unit of high elf army in the epic war “The Last Alliance of Elves and Men”, fought alone Elrond and Gil-galad at the battle of Dagorlad Plain during the war against Sauron. The true melee masters of the Elven double-handed blade and the long spear, they are the indispensable parts of his equipment. The Elven Warriors were not only trained to use the leaf-shaped shield as a defensive item but also as an offensive weapon to counter-attack. The best army in Middle-Earth has been marching!! Elven warrior is getting ready to stand side by side with Elven archer against the Sauron’s force. Add to your Lord of the Rings Collection today!”

“Elven Archer, the masters of the bow, lined up behind Lord Elrond and King Gil-galad as powerful ranged attack support at the battle of Dagorlad Plain. Every fully trained marksman had ever learned the esoteric archery which the elf race passed down for many centuries, and each his move of drawing bow and firing arrows is tremendous accuracy. His exclusive weapon “the Elven longbow” was about the same height as the archers, its length gave them the greatest shooting range to take down the enemies far away. And its hardness also allowed the archers to eliminate many of their foes long before they were in a position to return fire.“

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