Mezco Toyz Goes To Hell With One: 12 Collective Constantine Figure

Mezco Toyz is no stranger to the horror and supernatural genre, yet their One:12 Collective line has been knee-deep in the DC Comics universe since it began with their very first release, the Dark Knight Returns Batman. Those two facts make for what may be the perfect new release considering how much the character straddles the world of both. John Constantine, the Hellblazer himself, has been announced for pre-order, my friends, and I couldn’t be happier. 

The One: 12 Collective line originally became a hit in part due to the excellent renditions of the super-heroes of the Marvel Comics and DC Comics universes, respectively. Yes, they absolutely impressed with their figures from franchises like Star Trek and Judge Dredd, but it was the unique blend of 1/12th scale super-heroes and well-tailored fabric outfits that caught the hearts of collectors. So I’ve always found it funny that I’m often most eager to see their versions of plain-clothes characters like Constantine here. 

John Constantine is one of those releases I never believed I would see from Mezco Toyz, despite how well he fits their brand. The rude and sarcastic blue-collar sorcerer with a heart of gold has his fan base without a doubt, but he’s not exactly Superman or Batman. I’m happy I was wrong, though, because this figure looks to be excellent. 

Packed with plenty of accessories and a spot-on, comic-accurate look, Constantine has just jumped to my most anticipated figures list.

The Mezco Toyz One: 12 Collective Constantine Deluxe Edition Action Figure is available now for pre-order and will drop Q3-Q4, 2021.

“Cynic, con man, and sorcerer, John Constantine joins the One:12 Collective!

The One:12 Collective Constantine is dressed in his signature untidy button-down work shirt with a loosened necktie, slacks, Chelsea boots, and a removable overcoat. The streetwise Hellblazer features four head portraits that perfectly capture his cynical personality.

Constantine is well-equipped to handle the supernatural, complete with the Moonblade, Twin Blade, cross relic, lighter with and without flame FX, mystical spell FX, tarot cards, multiple interchangeable hands, and much more.

An infamous con artist, grifter, and thief, Constantine’s moral compass is as gray as the London skies. His powers allow him to not only cheat death, but to trick the forces that govern Heaven and Hell. Constantine wields the dark arts to save his soul as well as the earth itself.”

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