The Lord Of The Rings Uruk-hai Lurtz Is Here To Conquer Thanks To Prime 1 Studio

The Fellowship of the Ring is the best installment in the Lord of the Rings film series, bar none. You may very well disagree with me but you’re wrong, so there’s that. One of my favorite parts of the film is the climax, where the Fellowship is finally tracked down by Saruman’s forces, the Uruk-hai, at Amon-Hen, ending in an epic battle. One of the most brutal characters in that showdown is the Uruk-hai leader, Lurtz, who murders Sean Bean’s Boromir. 

Prime 1 Studio clearly appreciates Lurtz as well because they’ve just announced that the villain is the newest addition to their Premium Masterline series of 1/3 sale statues.

I remember watching the film in a theatre and thinking to myself that if I ever came face to face with a monster like Lurtz, I would not fare as well as any of the members of the Fellowship. The character’s design was frightening to say the least. Prime 1’s sculptors have done exceptionally at reproducing that horrific design in 1/3rd scale.

The highly-detailed base with Elvish writing combined with the carefully chosen set pieces from the actual Battle of Amon-Hen that lay scattered above it gives the entire piece some excellent shelf appeal. 

One look at this statue and I’m immediately taken back to that epic scene. I can’t wait for Lurtz to reach my doorstep but I’m likely to still be just a little scared of standing to close.

The Prime 1 Studio Premium Masterline The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring – Lurtz 1/3 Scale Statue is available in both Standard and Exclusive Editions and is slated to release Q2, 2022.

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Premium Masterline Series. 1/4 Scale PMLOTR-06: Lurtz from the epic fantasy adventure film series: The Lord of The Rings!

Uruk-Hais are already some of the strongest and most brutal warriors of Middle-Earth; however, Lurtz is the first leader of the Uruk-hai scouts created specifically for this film. He was the first of Saruman’s Uruk-hai to be bred, choking the first Orc he sees to death within seconds of his birth. He became Saruman’s second-in-command and led the first battalion of Uruk-hai into battle against the Fellowship of the Ring at Amon Hen.

Lurtz stands about 24 inches tall, holding his bow, ready to shoot. Representing a memorable scene of Boromir protecting the Fellowship of the Ring, this statue not only grabs your attention but also gives you the story of one of the most brutal warriors in the entire Lord of The Rings franchise! We have crafted this show-stopping statue with the utmost attention to detail and concept design to bring you the most movie-accurate Lurtz statue on the market! Excellent addition to your collection and must-have for Lord of the Rings fans around the world!

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