Wonder Woman Is Reborn With Prime 1 Studio’s New DC Rebirth 1/3 Scale Statue

Prime 1 Studios has revealed their newest Wonder Woman statue and it’s a beauty. Based off of the character’s appearance in the recent DC Rebirth era, the 29” tall statue of Princess Diana stands on a base made of smokey debris and rubble and is sure to excite fans.

DC Comics loves rebooting and restarting their comic book line. One of the most recent new directions, dubbed the DC Rebirth in 2016, stood as a return to the types of stories and timeline that existed before the chaos of an earlier refresh called the New 52. Wonder Woman saw her stories feel more familiar to older fans and managed to combine satisfying elements of both eras. As usual with this type of thing, she also received a minor update to her costume, which Prime 1 has recreated masterfully here.

I love how this look combines the more militaristic edge that modern Wonder Woman is known for and the classic color scheme and costume elements that the more classic Diana has always had. 

One element that I think works particularly well is the cape, which is actually made of fabric and comes with a poseable wire sewn along the edge. It opens up plenty of variety when displaying this in the collection. Combined with the sword and shield held by Wonder Woman, the cape adds a feeling of power that makes for an imposing statue, one which I can’t wait to get onto the shelf. 

The Prime 1 Studio DC Comics Rebirth Wonder Woman 1/3 Scale Statue is available for pre-order now and is slated for a Q3, 2022 release.

“Prime 1 Studio is proud to present another stunning addition to the Museum Masterline Series: The 1/3 Scale MMDC-51: Wonder Woman Rebirth from DC Comics. Diana, princess of the Amazons and daughter of Queen Hippolyta, is Themyscira’s greatest warrior. Born of clay, she was imbued with the power of the Gods themselves. Wonder Woman ventured forth into Man’s World not only to fight the forces of evil and strife, but also to teach everyone that hope, and love are the true path to salvation.”

“Prime 1 Studio’s exquisite Wonder Woman Rebirth rises at a statuesque 29 inches tall. Our Rebirth statue dresses Diana in her iconic armored, red chestplate and blue, leather gladiator’s skirt. Her focused attitude was attentively sculpted and meticulously painted to portray strength and beauty. This Wonder Woman is prepared for battle, equipped with the Sword of Athena, her Amazonian shield and the Lasso of Truth. Diana’s incredibly heroic cape is both poseable and removable. Wonder Woman stands perched on the edge of battle with her smoke and rubble themed base!”

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