XM Studios’ Super Sons Bring Young Justice To The World

XM Studios are bringing the dynamic duo of DC Comics to life in Sixth Scale, but its likely not the duo that you’re thinking of. Superboy and Robin, better known as the Super Sons, are getting the statue treatment and they look excellent. Superman and Batman would be proud. 

While the idea and concept of the Super Sons has existed in DC Comics since the early 1970s, this pair is the modern iteration with Batman’s son Damian Wayne Robin and Superman’s son  Christopher Kent Superboy. Due to the unique relationship between the sidekicks, which is more adversarial than that of their famous fathers, the pairing was and continues to be a fan favorite. 

Known more for their larger scale statues, this time around XM is giving collectors something a bit smaller in 1/6 scale. Standing at 15 inches tall, the Super Sons piece perfect for fans who need a little more space on their shelf. 

The sculpt and paint work captures both characters nicely. One quick look at the portraits and body language of Robin and Superboy tells you everything you need to know about the personalities of these heroes, which is no small feat. This will make a super addition to any DC fans’ collection.

The XM Studios’ DC Rebirth Premium Collectibles Super Sons 1/6 Scale Limited Edition Statue  is available for pre-order now and is scheduled for a Q3, 2021. 

“XM Studios proudly presents the 1:6 scale DC Rebirth series statue, Super Sons! Superboy, son of Superman and Lois Lane, and Robin, son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, team up with dynamic energy for battle! Robin is mid-jump, while Superboy unleashes his super strength on a base of a defeated foe. They have both been immortalized with impeccable detail in cold-cast porcelain, each individually hand-painted with a high-quality finish.”

“Size matters, but Quality even more so! The new XM DC 1:6 line is specially designed for collectors who desire more space-friendly collectibles, without compromising on the incredible details and quality of larger collectible pieces. At 1:6 scale, XM’s creative direction is to showcase more abilities, powers and essence of the characters in a bold, dynamic and story telling style. The new XM 1:6 DC line will amaze you with the details you don’t expect at this scale. Smaller scale, smaller boxes, more affordable shipping and pricing means you can fit more of these incredibly detailed collectibles into your collection!”

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