Prime 1 Studio Brings The Blackest Night With Dark Nights: Metal’s The Dawnbreaker Museum Masterline Statue

Prime 1 Studio continues working their way through the twisted universe of DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Metal series and the terrifying alternate Batman that exist in the story. Collectors have already seen the likes of the Batman Who Laughs and the Merciless, but now it’s the Green Lantern Corps’ turn. 

The upside-down Batman that is the Dawnbreaker asks us what happens when Bruce Wayne gets a Green Lantern ring, but has no mercy left within him? The 1/3 scale statue from Prime 1 answers that question.

In Dark Nights: Metal, there is a, basically, a Justice League that consists of nothing but Batmans that have stolen the powers of his Justice League teammates. Not only is this an insanely cool idea for a comic book tale, but its an excellent idea for a line of statues. Prime 1 has not disappointed with bringing that idea to life and this Dawnbreaker entry is yet another example of that fact.

Standing at 35 inches tall, the Earth-32 Bruce Wayne is impressive. The translucent green resin being used really makes the green “energy” pop, making that base the character is positioned over look epic. 

There is also an Exclusive version that includes an alternate portrait of Bruce before he’s been completely corrupted by the dark energy controlling him. It’s a small extra but, for the price, I’ll take any additions Prime 1 wants to include. I can’t wait for this piece to be released.

The Prime 1 Studio Museum Masterline Dark Nights: Metal – The Dawnbreaker 1/3 Scale Statue is available for pre-order now, in both Standard and Exclusive editions, and is slated for a Q3, 2022.

“With darkness black, I choke the Light. No brightest day escapes my sight. I turn the Dawn to Midnight. Beware my power…DAWNBREAKER’s Might!” 

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Museum Masterline DC Dark Nights: Metal Series: The 1/3 Scale The Dawnbreaker from Dark Nights: Metal! 

The Bruce Wayne of Earth -32 witnessed the same Crime Alley murder of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne that Earth 1’s Bruce Wayne witnessed. However, instead of sorrow and vengeance, Earth -32’s Bruce Wayne was filled by a void – empty of every emotion including Fear. This made him a candidate for a nearby Green Lantern Power Ring to induct into the Green Lantern Corps. Soon enough, this murderous, rogue Green Lantern imbued himself and his power with the darkness he has always possessed and christened himself anew: The Dawnbreaker! 

Prime 1 Studio’s The Dawnbreaker statue is poised to mete out his dark justice, floating in at 35 inches tall! The statue is a callback to Jason Fabok’s impressive Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1 cover, with its dark green energy, seething out from under Earth -32’s Bruce Wayne. The Dawnbreaker’s paint application boasts impressively vibrant, metallic green accents. The textural, and meticulously detailed sculpting of his costume only serves to enhance his terrifying visage. His base comes alive with horrifying constructs only a Dark Knight of Barbatos can conjure up. The Dawnbreaker’s dark-energy creatures are made of translucent green resin, with airbrushed highlights and shadows to accentuate the fearful forms. 

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