The Red Death Speeds Onto Your Shelf With Prime 1 Studio Museum Masterline Statue

Of the many alternate, twisted Batmen that were introduced in the 2017 DC Comics miniseries, Dark Nights: Metal, the Red Death was always the coolest to me. A merging of Batman and The Flash, this evil take on a Bruce Wayne who has stolen the Scarlet Speedster’s powers has such a striking visual appeal that tells you pretty much everything you need to know with one glance. Prime 1 Studio has revealed their 1/3 scale statue of the character for pre-order, inducting the Red Death into the Museum Masterline series. 

Hailing from the alternate DC world of Earth-52, the Red Death is the result of a Batman who felt the need to be fast enough to stop all crime. Diving into the Speed Force with Barry Allen chained to the hood of his Cosmic Treadmill-augmented Batmobile, he emerged as a fusion of them both. 

The design of the character showcases both superheroes perfectly, while still retaining a unique look all its own. The blood red armor and the bat-symbol broken apart by a lightning bolt are probably my favorite aspects of the Red Death’s costume. Prime 1 get those so right that I can barely contain my excitement at getting this thing on my shelf when it releases. 

Another great choice by Prime 1 is the base stand being based on the Batmobile that Batman modified with pieces of the Cosmic Treadmill. This part of the statue looks just as excellent as the figure and just accentuates how badass this entire piece is. I need this immediately!

The Prime 1 Studio Museum Masterline Dark Nights: Metal – The Red Death 1/3 Scale Statue is available now for pre-order, in both Standard and Exclusive editions and is scheduled for a release in Q3, 2022.

“My name is Bruce Wayne. I am vengeance. I am justice. I am Batman, the Red Death.” 

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Museum Masterline DC Metal Series! The 1/3 Scale The Red Death from the Dark Nights Metal! 

When the Batman of Earth -52 lost all his Robins to the crimes he felt too slow to prevent, he decided that the solution was to steal the Speed Force from his world’s Flash and take it unto himself. After murdering all of The Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery, Batman subdued The Flash himself and drove them both into the Speed Force. What came out was an unholy fusion of Barry Allen’s tortured psyche and Bruce Wayne’s demented version of Justice. He would become judge, jury and executioner in the blink of an eye: The Red Death! 

The Red Death races in at a blazing 30 inches tall. Prime 1 Studio has lavished this statue with the most eye-catching metallic red paint, intricately sculpted Speed Force armor and translucent resin Speed Force enegy waves. The Red Death’s Speed Force contruct bats seem to soar in thin air as they flank the vermillion villain. 

Prime 1 Studio presents The Red Death on his own supercharged base, complete with skulls, exhaust pipes and fiery afterburners: all the trappings of an octane-fueled nightmare! This statue is must-have for Dark Night and The Flash fans everywhere! 

For those who have pre-ordered one of the latest Warrior of the Darkness, The Drowned, The Merciless or The Dawnbreaker, please check out the new campaign for more details on how to save 50$ on your way to owning the entire Dark Nights: Metal collection! 

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