SooSooToys Brings Out The Bad Guys With 1/6 Green Goblin Figure

One of the biggest complaints amongst Sixth Scale collectors is the lack of villains in their collections. Heroes tend to shine with 1/6 toy manufacturers since the odds are that they’re the main characters of whatever film or series that they’ve bought the rights to. Unfortunately, as a result, the bad guy may never get a figure produced, leaving shelves everywhere feeling unbalanced. This is even more likely for a bad guy that isn’t based on a movie or television property. So color me shocked when I saw SooSooToys newest pre-order reveal was not only the Spider-Man archenemy, the Green Goblin, but the comic book-version to boot. Where do I send my money?

SooSoo’s foray into more American comic book-based characters has been slow but steady with the likes of the X-Men’s Juggernaut and Gambit and now this Green Goblin-inspired Green Menace. The timing is perfect as Hot Toys has been having plenty of success with their Spider-Man video game-based line, which features many comic book looks for the wall crawler. With the imminent release of the Classic Suit Spider-Man next year by Hot Toys, the chance to put his greatest foe beside him on the shelf is very exciting. 

SooSooToys has gotten the Goblin’s look perfect with this figure. This is classic Green Goblin with no silly redesign. He even comes with a full-size goblin glider which doubles as a base stand, which is going to make for an awesome display.

If I could add anything, it would be an unmasked portrait of Norman Osborn, but that’s just me wanting even more perfection than we’re already getting. I can’t wait to have this villain face off with Spidey in my collection.

SooSoo Toys SST-029 Green Menace Sixth Scale Figure is available for preorder now and is slated for a Q3 – Q4, 2021 release.

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