Prime 1 Studio Celebrates Detective Comics #1000 In Style With Batman Concept Design Statue

The milestone Detective Comics issue #1000 was released nearly a year ago, marking one  of the longest running comic book series ever. Obviously, one of the reasons why is the series’ lead character for most of it’s run, Batman. Now, Prime 1 Studio has announced a new addition to their 1/3 scale statue line celebrating the comic book milestone with a piece based on the cover artwork of that issue by artist Jason Fabok!

Standing at an insane 41 inches tall, the Batman statue looks as if the cover of Detective #1000 has literally become three-dimensional, losing not one detail from the artwork. Prime 1 has outdone themselves with this rendition of Fabok’s cover art. Standing on a Gotham City rooftop base as his iconic cape billows behind him, the Dark Knight surveys the crime-infested streets below him.

As usual, Prime 1 Studio is never content with releasing one version of a statue so they’ve given collectors enough options to technically make this three different releases. Besides the Standard Version, there is also a Deluxe Version that comes with two additional side-peering portraits and an alternate bat-symbol for the figure’s chest. 

If a full-size statue, no matter the amount of accessories, is just too large for your collection, Prime 1 has you covered as well. A 1/3 scale bust of Fabok’s Batman is also available, offering a Caped Crusader that is just as beautifully-made as the larger one but with a smaller footprint. 

Prime 1 Studio is certainly celebrating Detective Comics #1000 in style and I can’t wait to join the party when this statue is released.

The Prime 1 Studio Batman Detective Comics #1000 Concept Design By Jason Fabok 1/3 Scale Statue is available for preorder now in both a Standard Version and a Deluxe Version. The Prime 1 Studio Batman Detective Comics #1000 Concept Design By Jason Fabok Premium Bust is also available for preorder. All three are slated for a Q3, 2022 release date.

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