Mezco Toyz Makes Trouble For G.I. Joe With New One: 12 Collective Destro Figure

After years of relative dormancy, Hasbro’s classic 1980s action-adventure franchise, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, has made quite the comeback. Not only has Hasbro released a retro 3 &  3/4” line, but they have also introduced a 6” Classified series of figures. Not content to produce their own versions of the characters, Hasbro has also licensed the property to a host of different companies, from ThreeZero to Diamond Select and now to Mezco Toyz. The first G.I. Joe entry revealed to be joining Mezco’s One: 12 Collective line is none other than Cobra bad boy, Destro!

Technically, Destro is merely the arms supplier to the terrorist organization, Cobra. The villain runs his own company, the Military Armaments Research Syndicate, or M.A.R.S. for short. Mezco has gone classic with Destro here, sticking closely to the character’s original design, which is something that will never fail to make me happy. 

He even comes with three different portraits, allowing for collectors to switch out his masked look for the more modern variations that have arisen over the decades if they’d like.  I’m an old-school Joe fan, so I’ll be displaying him with the angular face, but I have to admit that they all look excellent. 

Mezco Toyz getting the G.I. Joe license is extremely exciting. Word is the company will be producing at least one figure per quarter, so I can’t wait to see who will be next.

The Mezco Toyz One: 12 Collective G.I. Joe – Destro Action Figure is available for pre-order new and is slated for a Q1, 2022 release. 

“Joining the One:12 Collective, Destro, the weapons supplier to COBRA and leader of M.A.R.S. features his classic tactical outfit with tech enhancements, gauntlets with missile blasters, interchangeable thigh holsters, and combat boots. Destro includes three masked head portraits, sporting his iconic beryllium steel mask and includes his necklace with amulet.

The state-of-the-art weapons manufacturer totes only the best of the best, complete with a prototype modular sub-machine gun, pistol with removable magazines, rifle with removable magazines, and missiles that attach to his gauntlet.

Destro is always carrying his Cobra-issued, multilayer briefcase with light-up function. The briefcase illuminates via an on/off switch and is complete with a supercomputer and weapon storage. 

James McCullen Destro is a cutthroat and unyielding businessman with a great sense of honor and is always prepared to cause trouble for the Joes. The infamous arms dealer is known for engineering high-tech weaponry and supplying to whoever can meet his price.”

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