Iron Studios Reveals New Star Wars 1/10 Scale Line With General Grievous Statue

The Clone Wars and Prequel Era of Star Wars has been getting a lot of love lately. Iron Studios is continuing that trend with the announcement of their newest 1/10 scale statue, showcasing one of the most memorable villains from this time period: General Grievous! The cyborg Separatist leader is available for preorder now and could be a promise of things to come from the Brazilian statue company.

Say what you will about the Prequel Trilogy, but you have to admit that many memorable character designs came out of those films. Characters like Darth Maul and General Grievous himself have stood the test of time due in large part to simply looking pretty dang cool. Iron Studios has done an excellent job capturing that coolness factor with this piece.

Grievous has been sculpted ready for action, with his four lightsabers at the ready. I like that Iron Studios chose to go the mixed media route with the fabric cape. The volume of the cape adds a lot to the overall presentation of the statue, kicking the entire thing up a notch. 

Coupled with an solid-looking base for the villain to stand atop and this is a handsome statue. I’m excited to see what other parts of Star Wars lore we’ll be getting from Iron Studios!

The Iron Studios Star Wars – General Grievous Deluxe 1/10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for release Q4, 2021. 

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