Mezco One: 12 Collective Stealth Suit Spider-Man Figure Review

In The Beginning

Mezco Toyz has produced a few Spider-Man figures in their One:12 Collective line since its inception, mostly based on the iteration present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While their first three Spidey releases were comic book-based, the following three were all recreations of the wall-crawler from both the Spider-Man: Homecoming film and Spider-Man: Far From Home. This latest entry also hails from the latter film, giving us Peter Parker garbed in his S.H.I.E.L.D.-issued Stealth suit. 


As is standard with their Previews Exclusive releases, Mezco packaged Spider-Man in one of their tin containers. Signaling what you’ll find inside, the tin is mostly black with some nice teal-ish trim and lettering adding contrast. The Spider symbol is front and center in the new color with some wiggly lines distorting it slightly. The implication is that this is some sort of night vision image we’re seeing on screen or something? It’s not entirely clear to me what they’re going for but it works well enough with the “stealth” motif. Otherwise, everything is package securely and neatly, allowing for collectors to remove and replace any and all accessories as needed.


There is an argument to be made about whether this outfit is even really a Spider-Man outfit considering that there are practically no elements of it that make this any different than a generic, run-of-the-mill “stealth” suit. Even the goggles could pass for a stylized pair and don’t necessarily scream, “Spider-Man”. I do think this costume looks cool, but its hardly an essential addition to Spidey’s wardrobe. 

Whether or not I think this suit warrants even being made, that has nothing to do with how well Mezco did or didn’t do recreating it. The short answer is: they did okay. The figure is certainly recognizable as what he is, but they did take some shortcuts, particularly with the torso area. In the film and on more high-end figures like the Hot Toys release, the vest is a bit more detailed and complicated in its design.

Mezco chose to make the vest one fabric piece that gives the illusion of all of the moving parts but without any of them. It works on the shelf but not in hand. The vest also has a bad habit of bunching up around the belt, which can be frustrating to someone who’s nit picky like me. 

Overall, the rest of the suit is fine and does what it needs to do. 


As much I want to love this Spider-Man figure, I don’t. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not the worst figure ever made or something as melodramatic as that. There are just several disappointments that add up to just an overall underwhelming reception from me. The sculpting is a big part of that.

While the body is excellent and, for the most part, the body we’ve gotten with the previous MCU-based Spider-Man figures, we do get some new two part boots this time around. The cut on the boot goes a bit too high and, as a result, doesn’t allow for basically any forward movement, negating any chance of a proper Spider-Man crouch pose. 

Of the two portraits included, the masked head is by far the superior of the two. The sculpted lines of the mask are well-done, particularly at 1/12 scale, and Peter Parker’s eyes under the goggles actually look like Tom Holland’s eyes, which is very cool. Speaking of the goggles, they’re fine and look nice, but they definitely feel flimsy and cheap. I wasn’t too afraid I would break them, but I did expect better for a premium figure from Mezco Toyz.

The second, unmasked and battle-damaged portrait is just the worst. This looks nothing like Tom Holland. There is enough there that your brain tells you that it kinda-sorta does, but then you look at a photo of the actor or another figure with a better likeness and it becomes apparent just how off this head sculpt really is. Mezco’s strong suit, with a few exceptions, has never been movies figures that depend on the likeness of an actor and this does nothing to change that.


Considering the color motif of the Stealth Suit, there isn’t much to dig into here. Most everything is colored black, but the paint work does a suitable job of keeping things look even. There is no slop to be found on the white of the goggle lenses or any of the gray trim of Spidey’s outfit. Despite my misgivings about the unmasked Parker head sculpt, the paint is applied well and the blood sells the “battle damage” of the face well.


Considering this Stealth Suit Spidey is on 90% of the previous MCU Spider-Man bodies, the articulation is predictable solid. The ball jointed neck and head can give you a nice range of rotation and tilt, making for some good looking poses. The arms and shoulders can move pretty freely and there is little no restriction in the legs. The bodysuit, overall, is lacking of any restriction when it comes to moving Spidey around or getting him into dynamic configurations. The only real issue here is the two part boots, which have far too much plastic in between the “cut”. This makes it near impossible to lean Spider-Man forward in any sort of crouch, which is kind of his thing. 


Spidey comes with several web accessories in addition to the battle-damaged, unmasked portrait. As cool as they are, we’ve seen them before with the previous Spider-Man: Far From Home release from Mezco, though if you missed that one, then these will be a nice addition to your web arsenal. 

There two different types of web lines, one which is meant to be wrapped around the wrist peg and posed to look as if Spidey is shooting it out of his web-shooter. The other is a possible web line that can be used in various ways. 

A wider web line is also included, giving another display option for Spidey webbing baddies down. There’s also a very cool web mask, sculpted to fit over a figure’s head as if Spider-Man grew tired of hearing them shout threats at him.

Predictably and lastly, the standard display base and articulated arm are included. 

In The End

While this Stealth Suit Spider-Man I’d perfectly fine, I’m not in love with the figure. An odd unmasked portrait, a bunchy vest and bad ankle pivot all add up to me being somewhat underwhelmed with this guy. If you can, I would recommend grabbing him at a discount or just pass and get one of Mezco’s other, better done Spideys. 

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