Muggles Beware As Iron Studios Brings Lord Voldemort To 1/4 Scale Life

Iron Studios has been absolutely flooring fans and collectors alike with their 1/10 scale statues of late. They’re able to pack in so much detail and craftsmanship, that it’s easy to forget that they also produce collectibles of other scales. Considering how adept they are with smaller statues, it’s exciting to contemplate what they can bring to a larger piece. Case in point, we have the newest installment in the 1/4 scale Harry Potter Legacy line, Lord Voldemort!

Immediately, I’m impressed by the promotional photos of this rendition of the villain of the Harry Potter franchise. Voldemort is sculpted in all of his wicked glory, coming to life in a way that’s honestly a bit frightening. 

Standing about 23 inches tall, the sorcerer is posed on the attack, no doubt weaving some wicked spell or another aimed at his foes. As if Voldemort weren’t enough, his pet snake, Nagini, wraps around him, pushing the terror even higher. 

I am no expert in Harry Potter lore, but I have seen the films. This 1/4 scale piece does an excellent job capturing the horror and power that the character of Voldemort is shown to inspire. I can only imagine how amazing Potter collectors’ collections will look when they are able to add this piece. 

The Iron Studios Harry Potter Legacy – Lord Voldemort and Nagini 1/4 Scale Statue is available now for preorder and is slated for a Q3, 2022.

“Considered the most powerful dark wizard, Lord Voldemort’s monstrous pale face exudes all the intensity of his malice, spite, and fury. He wields his wand in his right hand, poised to unleash one more destructive spell against anyone who opposes his will. His cadaverous slender body is covered by a black toga and is surrounded and protected by Nagini, a huge snake that guards part of his dark soul as a Horcrux.

Barefoot and climbing a base formed by the remnants of concrete and stones from Hogwarts Castle, Harry Potter’s most feared villain, Lord Voldemort, is immortalized in a meticulously detailed statue that captures the actor Ralph Fiennes as seen in the film series. It is the first statue of the Harry Potter franchise to be developed in 1/4 scale by Iron Studios.”

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