God of War Brings Judgement to Iron Studios In 1:10 Scale

In this day and age where comic book movies rule the Box Office and the collectible market, its easy to forget the amazing video game franchises out there. While the Uncharteds, Resident Evils and Last of Us’s of the world do get some love, they can certainly use more. Iron Studios aims to remedy that with two of their latest 1:10 scale statues. Playstation’s God of War series is coming home to our shelves with two pieces based on the titular character and his son, as well as one of their fearsome enemies. Both are available for preorder today.

Kratos and his son, Atreus, both jump into action, ready to bring war to anyone who crosses them, whether they be god or man. The nearly-14 inch tall piece does a solid job of capturing the characters as they appear in the amazingly well-done reboot of the franchise. While I like the Kratos figure, I’ll admit that I am in love with that steely determination of his offspring as he aims his bow at some unseen enemy. 

Speaking of foes, Iron Studios has seen fit to supply one for the display with their 1:10 scale Ogre statue.  The terrifying monster from the game stands ready to do battle against our duo, standing at an impressive 12.6 inches tall. Just as Kratos and Atreus, the Ogre stands atop damaged Nordic runes, bringing the two pieces together in an epic diorama that looks just as good together as it does apart. 

Both the Iron Studios God of War – Kratos and Atreus 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue and the Iron Studios Ogre (God of War) 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue are available for preorder now and are schedule for a Q3, 2022 release date. Pre-Order right now here @ ToyOrigin.com and you will enjoy an additional 5% Reward Points (cash back) with your Order for use on your Next Purchase!

Over the ruins of an icy Nordic battlefield, the ruthless Greek demigod, once known as the Ghost of Sparta, leaps into combat holding his magical ax, Leviathan, with a furious expression on his pale face, marked with a red tattoo, to honor his brother. The statue of the Greek warrior features clothes more suited to the Scandinavian environment, quite different from his Spartan origins, with his son and ally, right by his side. The boy, who uses his father for support, jumps and pulls his bow to shoot one of his electrified arrows. Iron Studios presents its new statue “Kratos and Atreus BDS Art Scale 1:10 – God of War” featuring the series’ anti-hero protagonist and his son, as seen in the game God of War (2018).

The Spartan warrior, Kratos, had many adventures in the Greek era, such as avoiding the outbreak of major disasters and alter his destiny. With a fierce and arrogant personality, he faced the gods of Olympus and ended up being manipulated by the god Ares. The result of this was that when Kratos discovered he was one of Zeus’ many sons, he took revenge by killing his half-brother and becoming the new God of War – the title of the video game franchise in which he is the protagonist.  Also betrayed by his father, his vindictive nature led him to destroy Mount Olympus. Tired of this trajectory of revenge and destruction, Kratos began to wander the world in search of a new life and, upon arriving in Scandinavia, changed his mindset thanks to his second wife Laufey and, later, his son, Atreus. He was able to control his fury and act in a much more loving way towards his son, but due to his warrior nature, after Laufey’s death, he had to face and fight monsters and gods from the Nordic kingdom, preparing his reluctant son for the future as well.

Created by David Jaffe in 2005 and first seen on the PlayStation 2 and Sony franchise, the iconic video game saga of God of War has made Kratos one of the most popular characters in gaming pop culture, acclaimed by audiences and critics as one of the best new characters from the 2000s, gaining adaptations in novels, comics and of course, his own line of collectible statues by Iron Studios.

In the cold mountains of the Scandinavian Peninsula, a gigantic humanoid creature with ape and chelonian characteristics prepares to attack anyone who invades its territory. Ferocious by nature, it exposes its fangs by opening its wide mouth and clenching its huge fists, ready to fight.

Its extraordinary strength, along with its thick skin, its back, and arms full of sharp bone plates, make it an even more effective and lethal predator. Thus, Iron Studios presents the statue “Ogre BDS Art Scale 1:10 – God of War”, the monstrous creature, adversary of the Spartan warrior Kratos and his son Atreus. The Ogre is climbing a base full of wreckage from a Nordic ruin with game references. The base is composed of the explosive jar, the arrows of Atreus inserted into it, and Kratos’ magical Leviathan axe, removable for different displays.

The Ogres are one of the most dangerous enemies that Kratos and Atreus encounter on their journey, as they are capable of devastating attacks with their large arms, either directly attacking their opponent or hitting the ground, thus creating seismic shock waves to unbalance their target. They can also jump great distances to attack, however when stunned, they can be grabbed and mounted, and Kratos can then make an enraged Ogre collide with other enemies for a brief moment.

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