Asmus Toys Doubles Down On Gollum With New Sixth Scale Figures

Asmus Toys has been doing an admirable job of filling out fans’ Lord of the Rings collections in sixth scale. While many of their recent releases have been highly anticipated, none may be more so than their latest reveal: Gollum! The crucial character in the film trilogy is available for preorder now and he comes in not one, but two different versions! 

Asmus has made the interesting decision to make two regular releases of the character, but have each represent a single facet of his personality. So you get a Gollum release, which comes with his, for lack of a better term, evil portrait. Alternatively, there’s the Sméagol release, which comes with his good portrait. Everything else, from the body to the accessories, is otherwise identical. 

Speaking of accessories, there isn’t much, but what there is should be crucial to displaying the figure. Several interchangeable legs and arms are included, allowing for readymade crouching and holding poses, which should allow collectors to avoid damaging their figure’s seamless body. It’s an important inclusion and I’m glad Asmus did so. 

Gollum (or Sméagol) looks to be an amazing figure, although I would have liked if there was just one regular release with both portraits. That said, true fans of the LOTR Trilogy will have to get both!

Both the Asmus Toys The Lord of the Rings – Gollum Sixth Scale Figure and the Asmus Toys The Lord of the Rings – Sméagol Sixth Scale Figure are available for preorder now and are slated to release Q2, 2022. 

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