Hugo Starts A Fight With PCS Collectibles 1/4 Scale Statue

It’s showing my age that as soon as I saw this statue of Hugo, I recognized him from the Final Fight video game. I had absolutely no idea he’d transitioned to Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise, which explains why PCS would be producing a piece based on what I thought was just a minor enemy in a 30-year old beat-em up game. Either way, I am excited to announce that Hugo is available for preorder now and he’s an impressive piece, for sure!

It’s saying something that Hugo is standing in such a vanilla pose, yet still finds a way to be extremely eye-catching based on girth alone. This is one chunky figure! Standing at 26 inches tall, this massive statue brings the character alive in 1:4 scale in a way I don’t think fans have ever seen. Premium Collectibles Studio continues to impress with this ongoing Street Fighter line of statues.

Hugo has only ever been truly shown in profile in the games, so having this intensely detailed, crisp rendition of him staring back at me is a little off-putting. The amount of attention to his portrait, in particular, is awesome. This is definitely a guy I hope to never run into! 

PCS Hugo (Street Fighter) 1:4 Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q4, 2022. Pre-Order right here @ for $949.99 USD ($45 OFF MSRP) and you will enjoy an additional 5% Reward Points ($47.50 cash back) for use on your Next Purchase!


“You can’t fight me with that puny strength of yours!”

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Hugo 1:4 Scale Statue, ready to wrestle with your roster of Street Fighter collectibles.

The Hugo 1:4 Scale Statue measures a massive 26” tall and 15.5” wide on a simple black base, flexing his muscles and towering above any other competitor who could possibly stand against him. The professional wrestler’s face is usually shadowed by his shaggy black hair, but this video game collectible statue shows off hidden intensity with a detailed portrait that blends his in-game design with a three-dimensional presentation.

The Hugo Statue is fully sculpted to capture the hulking might of this intimidating wrestler as he appears in the Street Fighter video game series after his origins in the Final Fight franchise. He wears a pink leopard-spotted tank top stretched over his impossibly muscular physique along with maroon pants over brown boots. A silver chain wraps across his waist and black and silver studded wrist cuffs finish Hugo Andore’s signature style. Every inch of this incredible statue exudes the strength of this formidable Street Fighter and makes a must-have addition to any gamer’s collection!

Get your collection into gear — Mad Gear — with the Hugo 1:4 Scale Statue by PCS today!

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