Mojo and Spiral Surprise X-Men Fans With New Iron Studios 1:10 Scale Statues

Iron Studios continues bringing some X-Men oddities to 1:10 scale life for their X-Men Vs. Sentinel Battle Diorama Series of statues. This time around, the Brazil-based statue maker has dug deep into the 1980s era of the Marvel Comics universe and plucked two stars of the alternate dimensional Mojoverse out: the six-armed Spiral and Mojo himself! Both characters are available for preorder now and both looks absolutely amazing.

Created by writer Ann Nocenti and artist Art Adams, the Mojoverse was an otherdimensional land that revolved around television consumption. Ruled by the literally-spineless and obese Mojo, Mojoverse often came into conflict with the likes of Longshot and, of course, the X-Men. 

Mojo is a fairly ridiculous enemy when it comes to X-Men villains, so his inclusion is as surprising as it is awesome. Iron Studios has truly committed to giving collectors and fans character options that no other company has, which warms my comic-loving heart. The sculpt for Mojo is insane and the level of detail, in the paint as well, just make Mojo look better than he ever has. 

As unlikely an entry into the series as Mojo is, his chief enforcer is even more shocking. The six-armed Spiral is a great visual but hasn’t been too fleshed out over the years, so she’s not exactly well-known as a classic X-Men foe. For true fans of the franchise and comics, however, she’s a fun addition that real collectors in the know will appreciate being able to display in the collection. Just like Mojo, Spiral has been brought to life wonderfully and I cannot wait to display both of these fun additions to the line on the shelf!

Both the Iron Studios X-Men – Mojo Deluxe BDS 1:10 Art Scale Statue and the Iron Studios X-Men – Spiral BDS 1:10 Art Scale Statue are available for preorder now and are slated for release Q4, 2022. 

Sideshow and Irons Studios present the Mojo Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue – Art Scale BDS Series!

As if he’s come straight out of a nightmare, a burly, misshapen, yellow-skinned being moves like an arachnid. Moved by mechanical paws that come out of a motorized platform to transport his obese body, and supported by a metallic tail, in place of his spine, just like a scorpion, as the tip of his tail releases deadly resources, with claws and particle beam weapons. A fearsome interdimensional sorcerer, master of manipulation and machinist of his universe, he advances, atop a base that resembles the gardens of Mansion X, along with other mutant super-villains, in a diorama setting, alongside Magneto and Robots Sentinels versus the X-Men. For fans and collectors, from the dimension that adds his name, Iron Studios proudly presents its statue “Mojo Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue – Art Scale BDS Series.”

Mojo is part of a humanoid race called the Spineless Ones (beings without a spine), derived from a planet later named after him, known as the Mojoworld. Located in a compact dimension called the Mojoverse, his species can mentally receive waves of TV program broadcasts sent from Earth, which has made these creatures go crazy, having humans as demons or myths. Once a primitive society, because of one of their scientific geniuses, the Spineless Ones evolved very fast, technologically speaking, becoming dependent and driven by television entertainment. Taking advantage of this, megalomaniac Mojo started creating and producing his shows using slaves as actors in dangerous situations, conquering power among his audience, and becoming the ruler and absolute leader. A constant threat to the X-Men, as they were often abducted by Mojo just for pleasure. With that, he magnified his power.

Sideshow and Iron Studios present the Spiral 1:10 Scale Statue – Art Scale BDS Series!

On top of a fallen fountain in the gardens of Mansion X, she moves gracefully, holding knives and swords in her six arms in complete coordination. Highly specialized in combat, she shows all her skills, with an athletic aptitude and mystical knowledge, as if in a dance, defeating any opponent. Straight from the Mojoverse, Iron Studios presents the interdimensional traveler “Spiral 1:10 Scale Statue – Art Scale BDS Series” in one more statue from the X-Men collection. This line composes a grandiose diorama of mutant heroes facing Magneto, Sentinel Robots, and a pantheon of enemies.

Rita “Ricochet” Wayword, a professional stuntman in the past, is a temporal paradox. Attacked by a mutated version of herself from the future called Spiral, she was captured by Mojo, the lord of another dimension, ruled by the entertainment of its inhabitants. In this dimension, Rita underwent physical and mental changes, gaining six arms, some of which are robotic, and an intense enhancement of her mind, allowing her to see and travel through other dimensions and teleport through time. Besides these new abilities, she also acquired mystical knowledge, and under Mojo’s command, traveled back in time and created the events that made her what she is today. With gestures or dance moves, Spiral can teleport herself and countless people across great distances.

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