Venom Faces Off Against Carnage With Iron Studios Art Scale Statues

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is releasing worldwide soon and I can’t wait. While I was lukewarm on Tom Hardy’s first outing in the original Venom film, the presence of Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady aka Carnage has my hopes high for the sequel. If anyone can push the fun factor up a notch, it’s Harrelson. In anticipation for the film, Iron Studios has announced not just one, but two new 1:10 scale statues, bringing both alien symbiotes to life with their Venom and Carnage Art Scale pieces!

If you’ve seen Carnage in any other media, from the source material of the comics or 1990s era video games, then his design should come as no surprise here. The filmmakers have tweaked a few elements, such as adding a long, Venom-like tongue and giving him white teeth. That said, this is basically the Carnage we all love to despise, complete with snake-like tentacles springing out of his back. 

Iron Studios has sculpted an eye-catching rendition of the titular hero of the film series, as well. Venom is crouched, ready to jump into action against his evil counterpart. The size and weight of the anti-hero are nicely conveyed here, making the figure look just as big as he should feel. 

I’m eager to grab these two and add them to my collection, especially after the film releases and the hype is even higher!

Both the Iron Studios Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Venom 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue and the Iron Studios Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Carnage 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue are available for preorder now and are slated for release in Q4, 2022. Pre-Order either one of these right here @ for $209.99 USD and you will enjoy an additional 5% Reward Points (cash back) for use on your Next Purchase!

As if he were smiling, the muscular figure with slimy black skin shows its frighteningly sharp teeth. Exposing his long tongue, he focuses on a goal to promote his twisted sense of justice by eliminating criminals in his city. On top of a rubble base, Iron Studios presents the statue “Venom 1:10 Scale Statue – Art Scale BDS Series,” featuring the symbiote anti-hero in its cinematic version.

Derived from a comet full of symbiotic life forms and discovered by a space probe from a bioengineering corporation called the Life Foundation, an alien merges in symbiosis with investigative journalist Eddie Brock to survive. This union creates the monstrous being who introduces himself as Venom. As part of an invasion force that sought new worlds for the symbiotes to take over and feed on, the creature and Brock end up creating a deep bond and together decide to help protect Earth from the invasion of the alien species. After completing the mission, both remain secretly connected and committed to protecting the city by eliminating criminals.

Over the rubble of a building, he appears with several sharp, lethal limbs in his scarlet body. The deadly and insane symbiote creature opens its big mouth, showing its teeth like the predator it is. Derived from its form presented in theaters, Sideshow and Iron Studios brings the “Carnage 1:10 Scale Statue – Art Scale BDS Series,” based on one of the most dangerous and lethal villains created in the Marvel universe. It debuts on the big screen as the antagonist of its creator and rival, the anti-hero Venom.

Created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley in 1992, Carnage is one of Spider-Man’s and Venom’s most psychopathic enemies in the comics. Firmly believing that law and order are perversions, the insane serial killer Cletus Kassady became the host of an alien symbiote generated by Venom. Upon becoming the creature’s host, Kassady uses all of his power and madness to kill indiscriminately, thus becoming Venom’s greatest challenge. More violent, powerful, and deadly than Venom. Carnage possesses shape-shifting abilities that allow him to design and shape weapons into his body.

Add to your Marvel collection today!

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