Magik Teleports Into The Fray with Iron Studios 1:10 Scale X-Men Statue

One line of statues that I would be happy to never see end is Iron Studios X-Men Vs. Sentinel Battle Diorama Series. Not only have we been given three epic 1:10 scale diorama statues featuring the X-Men facing off with a different robotic foe, but we’re still getting new proximity pieces that allow us to continuously grow the scene. Case in point is the newest reveal that has gone up for preorder: Illyana Rasputin herself, Magik!

Magik is having a moment right now and its a moment that I hope continues to grow larger and larger. From being the best part of the recent New Mutants film to stealing every scene she’s in within the various X-Men comic books being published, fans are loving the mutant mistress of Limbo. It was only a matter of time until she teleported her way into this series of statues and she does not disappoint. 

Illyana entering the battle via one of her iconic “Stepping Discs”, which allows her to teleport anywhere in space/time via the demonic realm of Limbo, is just perfect and looks beautiful. It also allows nitpicky fans like myself to explain away her more modern outfit, which is at odds with the 1990s-era looks the other X-Men are sporting in this series. Obviously this Magik has traveled back from the future to help her teammates out back in the day!

Illyana looks wonderful, from the icy blue eyes to the epic Soulswords she’s carrying. I can’t wait to add this one to the collection. 

The Iron Studios X-Men Vs. Sentinel – Magik 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is scheduled for a Q4, 2022 release date.

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