John Walker Becomes The U.S. Agent With New Iron Studios Art Scale Statue

Disney+ has been giving Marvel fans plenty of new shows to watch while they rest in between films. From series like WandaVision to Loki, new characters and new iterations of older heroes have been introduced at a breakneck speed. One of those new characters is John Walker, one-time Captain America and currently known as the U.S. Agent. Iron Studios has announced their 1:10 scale statue of the Agent, clad in his new colors, which is available for preorder now.


The U.S. Agent in the comics started out just as he did in the Falcon And The Winter Soldier series, as a replacement Captain America that ended up going over the edge due to not having the grace and resolve to wield the shield. As portrayed by Wyatt Russell, this version of John Walker is a bit more sympathetic than his comic counterpart, but no less on the wrong side. 

Iron Studios has done an excellent job capturing Russell’s likeness, even under the helmeted mask of the U.S. Agent. Although we only saw it for a minute in the show, the stark black, red and white of the new uniform looks great, definitively separating him from the costume of Captain America yet maintaining a loose connection to that hero’s iconic look. I’m eager to see what role the U.S. Agent will play in the MCU in the future and I’m also eager to get this statue into my collection. 

The Iron Studios John Walker (U.S. Agent) 1:10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for a Q4, 2022 release.

With a grim face and clenched fists, the highly decorated soldier, once chosen to keep alive the legacy of the legendary Liberty Sentinel, goes his own way in a new black, red, and white uniform, seeking his redemption for past mistakes, using his combat skills and strength improved, and recruited by mysterious forces in the service of the US government. Inspired by his appearance on the successful Disney+ streaming series Falcon and Winter Soldier, Iron Studios presents the “John Walker (US Agent) – Art Scale 1:10 – The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” statue featuring the American anti-hero played by the actor Wyatt Russell.

Former captain of the US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment, John Walker was chosen to succeed Steve Rogers as second Captain America, and on one of his missions, he managed to apply himself a replica of the Super Soldier Serum. Upon seeing his partner and best friend Sgt Lemar Hoskins, known as Battlestar get killed in action, Walker brutally murdered one of the terrorist members of the Flag Smashers, an anti-nationalist group made up of super soldiers. This act caused Walker to be stripped of his cloak and dishonorably discharged from his military rank. After abandoning his revenge to team up with new Captain America Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes against the extremist group, he was recruited by the mysterious Valentina Allegra de Fontaine from whom he received a new costume and was renamed U.S. Agent.

Created in the comic book by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary in 1986, John Walker emerged as the supervillain Super-Patriot before taking over as Captain America, and later becoming the anti-hero US Agent. Already available for Pre-Order, John Walker (US Agent) adds as one more important MCU character in Iron Studios’ statue collection, derived from the Falcon and Winter Soldier series, and which may appear again in a promising fourth solo film of the Captain America confirmed.

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