Iron Studios Gives Collectors Knightmare Fuel With Latest Batman Art Scale Statue

DC fans never get tired of their Batmans and thanks to the Snyder Cut of the Justice League film, there are plenty more to add to the collection. The latest 1:10 scale Batman statue coming from Brazilian-based Iron Studios is the Knightmare iteration, based on the dark future glimpsed during the epilogue to the movie, which is available for preorder now. 

I’m not quite sure why a tactical Batman adorned with a trench coat, combat pants and goggles looks so darn cool, but he really does. Iron Studios has translated this future Batman’s look to a 1:10 scale statue flawlessly. They’ve produced all of the elements that made this look stand out on screen and somehow made it all look even better as a sculpted piece. 

I’m not sure if this release will foreshadow more “Knightmare” versions of the Justice League characters, but I’d definitely be up for future versions of the Flash, Mera and the Joker. All three characters had such unique looks in those scenes that they would look stellar besides this Dark Knight. 

While I’m fairly confident that the SnyderVerse has ended with the film, Here’s hoping that we’ll continue to get Iron Studios statues based on the world for years to come.

The Iron Studios Knightmare Batman – Zack Snyder’s Justice League 1:10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is scheduled for a Q3, 2022 release. 

In an apocalyptic desert where it was once a planet full of life, a tired and cautious, but still relentless leader of an insurgent movement, walks in a devastated world, seeking by all means to end a long conflict against the conquering forces of a cosmic tyrant and his Kryptonian ally, who was once Earth’s greatest hero. Wearing an overcoat over a stiffer variation of his original costume, Iron Studios presents the “Knightmare Batman – Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Art Scale 1/10” statue, featuring the Dark Knight derived from the anthological scene presented in the film’s side plot Justice League, in director Zack Snyder’s version.

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