Iron Studios Goes Deep Into X-Men History For Their New Albert & Elsie-Dee 1:10 Scale Statue

If fans and collectors wanted to know just how deep into X-Men lore Iron Studios would be delving for their X-Men Vs. Sentinel Diorama series of statues, then look no further than their latest announcement. Albert and Elsie-Dee are about as obscure as you can get, but the oddball pair of Wolverine villains are available for preorder now. 

Calling Albert and Elsie-Dee villains is a bit misleading. The pair started out as robots created by X-Men baddie Donald Pierce to kill Wolverine. Eventually, the hero would end up saving the pair and they would head off on their own adventures, occasionally coming back into contact with the Canadian X-Man. The characters have rarely shown up since their first appearance nearly 25 years ago, so this announcement is quite the surprise. 

Iron Studios has managed to make even a robot Wolverine and a little girl in a pink dress look epic, as the duo are ready for action. Albert in particular looks extremely cool, giving fans of Wolverine something different in design. Even if you have no idea who these two are, it’s hard to argue that this is a very eye-catching piece. 

The Iron Studios Albert And Elsie-Dee 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slayed for a Q4, 2022 release. 

On the wooden foundation of the remains of Mansion X, an automaton replicated from the wild Canadian mutant named Logan unsheathes its claws from its fists and prepares its reconstructed half-machine and half-man body for imminent combat. On his back, a seemingly harmless little girl in a pink dress uses her advanced intellect to direct her counterpart, friend and ally, to join the group of mutant heroes X-Men against the gigantic Sentinel robots controlled by Magneto, and their allies of the Mutant Brotherhood. Thus, Iron Studios presents its statue “Albert and Elsie-Dee – X-Men – BDS Art Scale 1:10 Statue” with the unusual android allies of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Created by cyborg supervillain Donald Pierce, the droids Elsie-Dee (a pun on LCD, for their artificial origin) with the appearance of a five-year-old girl, and their counterpart, Albert (a robot, copy of Logan), were designed to kill Wolverine. Thanks to the evolved artificial intelligence of Elsie-Dee and Albert (named after Albert Einstein), they come to the conclusion that Logan was a noble person and didn’t deserve to die, and thus, abandon their original mission and become eventual allies of the mutant hero. Elsie-Dee has superior intellect, can interact with computers, and has above-average strength. Albert has similar characteristics, claws like Wolverine (but not adamantium), fighting abilities, and reinforced armor on the metallic parts of his body.

Created by Larry Hama and Marc Silvestri in 1991, Iron Studios features never-before-seen statues of these characters, increasingly expanding the cast of characters that make up its diorama of the X-Men versus their greatest enemies, and each collector can create the diorama of his preference.

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