Iron Studios Takes A Bite Out Of Your Collection With Alligator Loki Art Scale Statue

When Loki premiered on Disney+, fans never thought they’d see so many variants of the Trickster God, much less fall in love with all of them. From the female Sylvie to Classic Loki to the Boastful one to the Kid, there were plenty of Lokis to go around. However, the most memorable version had to be the unexpected and homicidal Alligator Loki. The Asgardian god reimagined as an alligator wearing the character’s iconic crown represented everything people loved about the show and now he’s getting immortalized as a 1:10 scale statue from Iron Studios!

Alligator Loki is such a simple joke, that it’s genius. While Iron Studios could have just given collectors a barebones recreation of the crocodilian in all his glory, they’ve gone a step further and packed this piece with lots of fun details. From a buried Mjolnir to a Throg trapped in a glass jar, this statue gives plenty of nods to the episode of the show that Alligator Loki first appeared, “Journey Into Mystery”. 

Now that fans can preorder the best Loki, it’s time for Iron Studios to announce the rest of the Variants. Let’s see a Classic Loki, President Loki and Kid Loki. We’re going to need all of the Lokis to adorn the shelf and I can’t wait to see which one will be next.

The Iron Studios Alligator Loki 1:10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now for a scheduled Q3, 2022 release.

On a base of grassy land on a plain, in the chaotic end of times called the Void, rests a peculiar reptile wearing a golden helmet with long horns and a collar. Among rocks and roots buried beneath its paws, a version of the enchanted hammer Mjölnir remains hidden beside a glass jar,where the amphibian Throg, a frog-shaped version of the Thunder God, struggles to break free. Derived from the first season of Loki, the Disney+ streaming TV series, Iron Studios presents the statue of the temperamental Alligator Loki, the extremely sensitive Loki Laufeyson variant of the crocodilian family.

In an amalgamation of alternative realities, located at the end of times called “The Void,” the protagonists have been banished by the”Time Variance Authority”, a bureaucratic organization outside of space and time, which is tasked with preserving the “Sacred Timeline” of a multiverse and preventing the creation of branched timelines. Different alternative versions of Loki, the God of Cheating, survive as in purgatory without aging, as emptiness is the end of time. Among them, the most unique and unusual is undoubtedly the so-called Alligator Loki, who, in his timeline, was born and became a reptile of the crocodile family, but with intelligence and strength far superior to those of his species. Unfortunately, in his reality, he ate the wrong neighbor’s cat, an event that caused a branch in the Sacred Timeline, leading his reality to destruction and his banishment to Void. Inside the Loki Palace, Loki’s underground hideout in the Void, Alligator Loki rests in a kiddie pool. When variant President Loki, who is the variant army commander Loki in the Void, taunts him, Alligator Loki jumps up and bites him, thereby tearing off his right hand.

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