It’s Survival Of The Fittest With Iron Studios’ Next X-Men Art Scale Statue: Apocalypse

X-Men fans have had little to complain about recently when it comes to Iron Studios Battle Diorama Series of statues. The epic battle featuring the team fighting against their evil counterparts as well as the mammoth Sentinels has included many different characters, both popular and obscure. Even so, there are certain villains that collectors have been eager to see announced and Iron Studios has just made many of them happy with the latest reveal. The immortal evil mutant, Apocalypse, is available for preorder and he’s available in two different versions!

The iconic enemy of the hated and feared mutant heroes stands at a fairly large height, even at the 1:10 scale the line is known for. At a total size of just over 17 inches tall, this statue is a beast of a figure. En Sabah Nur himself stands amidst the remains of a Sentinel, lifting his transformed arm in the air victoriously. While the regular version has Apocalypse’s arm in the shape of a drill, the Deluxe Version has it with a bit of Sentinel debris still hanging off of it. A swappable arm turned into a cannon is included to offer up some variety.

As if the interchangeable arms weren’t enough, there are two portraits of the Egyptian-born mutant warlord included. While the battle-crying head is my preferred choice, the more reserved, scornful option is fun too. With the many display choices and the sheer size of this release, X-Men fans are sure to be, well, X-cited!

The Iron Studios X-Men Vs. Sentinel – Apocalypse 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue is available in both Standard Version and Deluxe Version for preorder and both are slated for a Q4, 2022 release. 

With his massive gray body encased in armor created by the race of cosmic giants called the Celestials, the ancient Egyptian mutant uses his ability to control his own body’s molecules to shape his right fist into a large tapered combat drill. Showing all his fury and power, the Eternal Pharaoh, considered the first mutant of humanity, presents himself triumphant over a base full of wreckage and pieces of mechanical parts from the remains of a robotic Sentinel. Part of the X-Men’s diorama scenario against Magneto, dominating the giant Sentinel robots, and a horde of mutated villains at his side, Iron Studios presents the ”Apocalypse – X-Men – BDS Art Scale 1:10” Statue, one of Marvel’s most powerful mutants.

Born nearly five thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, En Sabah Nur was abandoned by his tribe because of his gray-skinned appearance and blue lines running across his lips and face due to his mutation. Adopted by a group of nomads, he survived, and with his powers of absorption, became a deity, adored by many civilizations, where he was known by many names. Since then, he has evolved, expanding his powers over the centuries, his abilities to control his molecular structure enhanced by the Celestial Armor, an artifact he found on a Celestial transport spacecraft created for an advanced alien race. Transformed and enhanced by technology, En Sabah Nur became one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, immortal, extremely intelligent, and strong, with psionic powers, able to control matter and energy, manipulate the molecular structure of his body, and change his size at will. With the purpose of a genetic war between the mutants, which he considers Homo Superior, and humanity, and to forge and govern a world in his image, he began to call himself the Apocalypse.

Created by Bob Layton, Jackson Guice, and Louise Simonson, and one of the most famous villains of the 1990s, Iron Studios will bring two versions of the statue. 

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