Prime 1 Studio Reveals Mechagodzilla Ultimate Diorama Masterline Statue For Preorder

Godzilla Vs. Kong seems like it was released forever ago, but the designs for the monsters in the film were so darn good that we’re still getting collectibles of them announced even now. Prime 1 Studio, with their larger-scale statues and amazing attention to detail, has been offering up some awesome renditions of Godzilla and King Kong. Now, it’s their common enemy Mechagodzilla’s turn. The latest Ultimate Diorama Masterline release from Prime 1 is coming and it’s available for preorder now. 

This modern redesign of Mechagodzilla was one of the best things about the film and I love that they returned the robotic creature to it’s Earthbound origins. This iteration looks like something a group of people could have actually built, capturing both the mechanized nature and the similarities to the King of All Monsters, Godzilla. 

As Prime 1 usually does, they’ve given the robot a lovingly detailed display base, this one doubling as an Apex Cybernetics launching bay. All together, this massive piece stands at just about 26 inches tall, which will get any passerby’s attention. 

As an added bonus, Mechagodzilla’s eyes and mouth have an LED light-up feature that gives the beast an eerie red glow. Everything about this piece is a feast for the eyes and I’m eager to see it in hand myself. 

The Prime 1 Studio Mechagodzilla Ultimate Diorama Masterline 1:3 Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for a Q2 -Q3, 2023 release. 

“(It’s Robot Godzilla!) No, that’s…that’s Mechagodzilla.”

The King of the Monsters has met his match! Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the exciting line of Ultimate Diorama Masterline statues: the Non-Scale Mechagodzilla Bonus Version from Godzilla vs Kong!

Entering the ring at almost 26 inches tall, Prime 1 Studio’s Mechagodzilla delivers a terrifying challenge to Godzilla’s reign!

Our talented Prime 1 Studio artisans have worked tirelessly to bring every exacting detail of this technological wonder to life! Created by Apex Cybernetics as the ultimate Anti-Titan weapon, Mechagodzilla has been designed to go toe-to-toe with the king of Kaijus. Your eyes will not be able to rest as you pore over every intricate part of this visually stunning masterpiece. Prime 1 Studio has studied every reference from the film to bring you as screen accurate a Mechagodzilla as anyone ever can!

Mechagodzilla goes live as you turn on the figure’s LED Illumination features. It’s eyes and mouth glow with the fearsome red color of its rage! Mechagodzilla stands on an Apex Cybernetics-themed environmental base, ready to throw down with its nemesis, Godzilla!

Furthermore, if you order the Bonus Version from our Prime 1 Studio official online store and authorized retailers, you will receive a bonus, swappable Head part, also LED illuminated, for a more aggressive pose!

You will not regret procuring this for your Prime 1 Studio Godzilla vs Kong menagerie! Pre-order Mechagodzilla today! 

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