Steppenwolf Steps Into The Spotlight With Iron Studios Art Scale Statue

The character of Steppenwolf has benefitted greatly from the Snyder Cut of the Justice League film. The general of Apokolips was an uninteresting villain in the original version, but thanks to an expanded run time and some TLC from Zack Snyder, the original, more fully fleshed out iteration of the character has gained plenty of fan popularity. Case in point is that Steppenwolf will be getting his own 1:10 Art Scale statue, which is up for preorder now. 

Hot on the heels of another statue company, Prime 1 Studio, revealing their own 1:3 scale statue of Steppenwolf, we get this smaller-sized take on him. It’s telling that the character has proven to be such a hit with fans thanks to the newer version of Justice League that he’s getting two high-end pieces announced in a matter of weeks. It just goes to show you just how strong the SnyderVerse fandom is, I suppose. 

The design of Steppenwolf is a sight to behold, both complicated and mesmerizing. Iron Studios looks to have done a great job executing the difficult design, especially in a smaller scale. No detail looks to be lost with this rendition, which is an impressive feat unto itself. 

The Iron Studios Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Steppenwolf 1:10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for a Q4, 2022 release. 

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