The Asmus Toys Nazgul Sixth Scale Figure Has Arrived To Haunt Your Collection

One of the most well-executed adaptations from novel-to-screen in Peter Jackson’s first installment of his The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, was without a doubt the Nazgûl. The wraith-like soldiers of Sauron’s army were terrifying as depicted in the film and now, we collectors can be terrified in our own homes thanks to Asmus Toys. The Nazgûl are coming to the Sixth Scale figure market and are available for preorder now. 

What could be a boringly simple design defies the odds and instead makes for something that will creep you out, long after you’ve seen them on screen. The tattered black cloaks are done excellently by Asmus here, capturing the ghostly appearance of the Nazgûl’s outfits. The armored sections, made of metal alloy, communicate that these monsters are ready for battle and won’t be easy to defeat. 

Accessory-wise, the Nazgûl come with plenty of swords, including the Witchking sword and the Morgul blade. Including such an arsenal will make for some welcome display options, though these figures could be holding butter knives and I’d be scared of them. 

While Asmus Toys has been wowing collectors for a while now with their LOTR series, this Nazgûl announcement has me truly excited. I can’t wait for these walking nightmares to join the collection.

The Asmus Collectible Toys Nazgûl Sixth Scale Figure is available for preorder now and is slated for a Q2, 2022 release.

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