Iron Studios Brings On The Bad Guys With The Thundercats Foes, The Mutants

Iron Studios has long since completed the iconic roster of the Thundercats with their 1:10 Art Scale statue line, which brought the original cast of characters to life. However, every hero needs a villain and while Mumm-ra is already a fixture in the line, the Big Bad could certainly use some help. Well, it looks like he’ll get it with Iron Studios’ latest announcement of the preorders for his Mutant underlings: Slithe, Monkian, Vultureman, Jackalman and Ma-Mutt! 

The Mutants look excellently-crafted under the artistic direction of the magicians over at Iron Studios. While they’re not 1-to-1 translations of how they appeared in the 1980s cartoon, there is a level of realism the statues possess that brings the villains to an entirely new level of fearsomeness. 

While each release is impressive in their own right, announcing the entire team together was a smart move. Fans of the show will have no doubt that they’ll be able to complete the full lineup,  which when it comes to the Mutants really is a must. 

The biggest surprise for me with these is the inclusion of Ma-Mutt. I remember the character fondly as Mumm-Ra’s loyal pet, but I just assumed Iron Studios would skip him, if they ever even got to the other villains . Boy, am I glad I was wrong and he’s going to make an amazing inclusion to the Thundercats display alongside his master. 

The Iron Studios 1:10 Art Scale Statues of Slithe, Monkian, Jackalman, Vultureman and Ma-Mutt are all available for preorder now and are all slated for a Q4, 2022 release. 

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