Cowboy Bebop Gives Space Cowboys Everywhere A New Vicious Statue

Cowboy Bebop has been in the zeitgeist lately thanks to the recent live-action adaptation on Netflix. While that iteration has been unfortunately cancelled, fans of the iconic sci-if franchise are perfectly fine making do with the original anime. Celebrating the true version of Cowboy Bebop, First 4 Figures has been announcing several statues based on characters from the show. Fan-favorites such as Radical Ed and Faye Valentine are already on the list and now, the Big Bad of the series, Vicious, is joining them up for preorder!

Vicious stands at 22-inches tall and looks pretty darn magnificent. First 4 Figures has captured the animation style nicely, giving Bebop fans a true work of art. Vicious’ deadpan gaze is spot-on, giving you the impression that he couldn’t care less about what’s going on before him. However, one look at the blade he’s holding behind his back will tell you everything you need to know about the dangerous villain. 

While I didn’t love the live-action take on Bebop, the original animated series has and will always be one of my favorite shows. Bringing the characters to life as successfully as they are, First 4 Figures has ensured that I’ll be adding Vicious and every other character they make to my collection!

The First 4 Figures Cowboy Bebop – Vicious Statue is available for preorder now and is slated to be released in Q1, 2023. 

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