Iron Studios Sam Wilson Captain America and Bucky Barnes Save The Day With New Statues

At the rate that Marvel Studios and Disney+ have been churning out their Marvel series lately, it’s easy to forget a show from just a few months ago, let alone nearly a year ago. Luckily, the fine folks at Iron Studios have not forgotten the awesomeness that was The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. They’ve placed up for preorder the beautifully-crafted duo of the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, and his once and future partner, Bucky Barnes. 

Bucky Barnes, the former Winter Soldier, looks great in 1:10 scale, raising his cybernetic Vibranium arm for battle. The sculpting and paint work on the arm in particular looks excellent, managing to capture the metallic sheen and golden inner-workings. Sebastian Stan’s likeness is fairly strong, especially at certain angles, and I’m excited to add this super-soldier to the collection.

I think it’s fair to say that the new Cap steals the show here with his amazing statue. Sculpted in flight, cutting his mechanical wing across the water, Sam Wilson is sure to capture the sights of any visitors to our collections. I’m in love with what Iron Studios decide to do here, emphasizing just what this new Captain America is capable of while still maintaining the illusion of actual movement. Honestly, this is a centerpiece to any MCU collection.  

Both the Iron Studios The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Captain America Sam Wilson Deluxe BDS 1:10 Art Scale Statue and the The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Bucky Barnes 1:10 Art Scale Statue are available for preorder now and are both slated for a Q1, 2023 release.

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