The Green Goblin Returns With PCS Sixth Scale Statue

The Green Goblin has long been considered Spider-Man greatest nemesis, whether it be in the comic books where he first appeared, in the films or in the video games. One such game, Marvel Future Revolution, has given us a Goblin who’s appearance is far more tech heavy than we’ve seen in the past. Recognizing a good-looking iteration of the character when they see it, Sideshow and PCS have announced the Future Revolution Green Goblin for preorder as a Sixth Scale statue!

Now this is one good-looking Green Goblin statue. The sculpted pose of the figure on his Goblin Glider is beautifully-done. The way they’ve positioned the jet stream, connecting it to both the figure and the base, is perfect. It can be difficult to convey a sense of motion in a statue, but it’s so crucial with a character like the Goblin. PCS have managed to do it here and do it nicely.

While I don’t love the armored look of this Green Goblin, I have too admit that PCS almost makes me want to rethink that opinion. They’ve taken the video game’s redesign and given it a lot of love. I wonder if we’ll see the Future Revolution iteration of Spider-Man as a Sixth Scale statue from the company sometime soon? 

The PCS Green Goblin Sixth Scale Diorama is available for preorder now and is slated for a Q1 – Q2, 2023 release. 

“All my enemies will pay. And you’re first, Spider!”

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Green Goblin 1:6 Scale Diorama, a dynamic Marvel collectible for fans of Spider-Man’s ruthless archenemy.

The Green Goblin 1:6 Scale Diorama measures 19” tall and 12” wide, inspired by the villain’s appearance in the open-world action RPG MARVEL Future Revolution. Norman Osborn’s evil alter ego grins with delight as his Goblin Glider cuts through the skies, leaving a burning trail of destruction in its wake. The rubble-covered base supports a truly gravity-defying pose as the villain races after Spider-Man in the heat of battle.

The Green Goblin 1:6 Scale Diorama is fully sculpted with dynamic motion and manic energy, based on the character’s in-game model and uniquely redesigned costume. Norman’s black and purple garb takes on a more technological appearance, with armored elements giving the villain added defenses against Spider-Man’s attacks. A number of orange pumpkin bombs can be seen across the piece, including a pair on the glider’s face, a pair holstered at his hip, and a pair in his hands, with green accents to show they are active and ready to be aimed at his enemies. Complete with his frightening green portrait, this is a must-have for gaming enthusiasts and Spider-Man statue collectors alike.

Bombs away! Bring the Green Goblin 1:6 Scale Diorama by Premium Collectibles Studio home to your Marvel collection today.

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