The Oceans Have A New Master (Of The Universe) With Tweeterhead’s New Mer-Man Maquette

Tweeterhead is continuing it’s foray into the world of Masters of the Universe with their Legends line of maquettes with the iconic aquatic villain, Mer-Man. Sculpted to look as deadly as ever, this take on the character is available for preorder now and I can’t wait to see more of him. 

Tweeterhead has been doing the world of He-Man justice with their Legends line of 1:5 scale statues, having already premiered the likes of Teela and Hordak. Mixing plenty of action figure and cartoon accuracy with their own level of realism. The resultant cocktail is a sight to behold with this Mer-Man being a shining example of how good these pieces look. 

The character’s armor is beautifully-done, as is the base he stands on. The choice to include two different portraits is above and beyond what Tweeterhead needed to do, yet they’ve done it and it’s most welcome. While I will most likely display him with the cartoon-familiar head, the alternate look is no slouch. 

Overall, these Masters of the Universe Legends statues have been tempting me again and again with every new announcement. This Mer-Man makes me even more excited to finally see the company’s take on He-Man and Skeletor. 

The Tweeterhead Mer-man Legends 1:5 Scale Maquette is available for preorder now and is slated for a Q4, 2022 release.

“Rise from the depths to obey your master!”

Sideshow and Tweeterhead present the Mer-Man Legends 1:5 Scale Maquette, the newest addition to the Masters of the Universe Legends collection!

The Mer-Man Maquette measures 17.4” tall and 14.25” wide as the master of Eternia’s oceans rises from a murky Snake Mountain themed base. This MOTU collectible maquette is fully sculpted and vibrantly painted in a way that celebrates his original two-dimensional appearance with an in-depth three-dimensional update. Mer-Man’s yellow and orange armor features shell and coral-like shapes and textures, giving him a formidable spined silhouette. 

The Mer-Man Maquette also includes two different portraits — inspired by the villain’s classic debut and an alternate animated style — giving you multiple display options. Wielding his yellow sword, this undersea fiend is prepared to face down the likes of He-Man, Teela, and more at the request of Skeletor.

Turn the tides of your Masters of the Universe collection and bring home the Mer-Man Legends 1:5 Scale Maquette by Tweeterhead today!

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