Thor’s Sideshow Premium Format Figure Premieres With A Thunderclap

Thor brings the thunder with the latest Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles. While most collectors these days likely first think of Chris Hemsworth’s cinematic interpretation of the character, the comic book iteration has been around since 1962. Comic fans of the original Thor are going to love this latest statue, which is available for preorder now!

Garbed in his classic outfit, the God of Thunder readies a mighty swing of his enchanted mallet, Mjolnir. The sculpt and paint work on this piece is masterfully done, brining to life Jack Kirby’s original design. I’m in love with how much weight and power is conveyed with just a glance at Thor’s figure. Going a slightly mixed media route with the fabric cape is a nice touch, allowing collectors to reposition it to their liking, possibly altering the dramatic effect. 

No one would blame 1:4 scale statue makers if they skimped on the bases since these large figures lighten up the collection just fine on their own. However, when they do take the time to do something fun and creative, it adds so much value to a piece. The choice of adding in some of a fallen Frost Giant for Thor to stand victorious over is marvelous. This is a solid take on the Mighty Thor and I look forward to one day having some more comic-based Avengers to stand beside him. 

The Sideshow Collectibles Thor Premium Format Figure is available for preorder now and is slated for a Q4 2022 release.

“Your hunger for battle is a disease — and the hammer of Thor shall supply the cure!”

Sideshow presents the Thor Premium Format™ Figure, a magnificent Marvel collectible celebrating the classic God of Thunder.

Verily, the Thor Premium Format Figure measures 22” tall and 19” wide as the son of Odin stands victorious atop a felled Frost Giant foe. The icy expanse of Jotunheim is no match for an Asgardian, and Thor swings his mystical mallet Mjolnir in anticipation of yet another glorious battle. The hammer is etched with its iconic enchantment, proving the prince worthy of its incredible power.

The polyresin Thor Premium Format Figure features PVC elements and a frost-touched red fabric cape with wire in the hem for dramatic posing options. Inspired by his earliest appearances in Marvel Comics, Thor Odinson’s costume also includes a black studded bodysuit, blue leggings, flared boots, and a winged silver helmet. His lustrous golden locks cascade over his caped shoulders, a look of warrior’s fury fixed on his face. With a godly physique and a hint of youthful arrogance, this Thor statue brings the thunder like no other.

No Bifrost needed to bring this Asgardian warrior home — add the Thor Premium Format Figure to your Marvel collection today!

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