Domino And Lady Deathstrike Join Iron Studios X-Men Art Scale Statue Line

The X-Men/Sentinel series of 1:10 Art Scale statues has become almost a cottage industry for Iron Studios, producing character after character, possibly ad infinitum. I, for one, don’t mind one bit! The roster of friends and foes of the X-Men that has been produced so far is music to my ears as a long-time X-Fan and now, Iron Studios is playing my favorite tune again. Two new female characters will be joining the line of statues: the heroic Domino and the villainous Lady Deathstrike! Both are available for preorder now!

Lady Deathstrike is a longtime antagonist of Wolverine, and as a result, the X-Men. A cyborg who blames Wolverine for stealing the adamantium-bonding process invented by her father, she’s implanted elongating claws into her own hands just to stand toe-to-toe with Logan. She’s one of those bad guys that hasn’t been around much in the last decade or so, so I was pleasantly surprised when Iron Studios announced her statue. Classic villains from the 1980s are my jam, and Deathstrike is guaranteed to make my display even more complete. 

Speaking of completing the display, Domino is another longtime X-Men character from the late 1980s, early 1990s. While she’s been a bit more popular recently, what with a version of her appearing the the second Deadpool film, it was still a question mark as to whether or not she’d be joining the Diorama series. Now that we know she is, it’s all the better for her presence there. 

Both the Iron Studios Domino 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue and the Iron Studios Lady Deathstrike 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statue are available for preorder now and are slated for release in Q1, 2023. 

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