President Loki Is Here To Win Your Collection Thanks To Iron Studios

We are truly living in the age of Loki, thanks to Tom Hiddleston’s charismatic portrayal of the God of Mischief in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series of films and, now, streaming series. Not only have we gotten the one, true Loki, but now we’re getting plenty of alternate universe “variants” of the character, including the memorable President Loki. This traitorous version of Loki is available in 1:10 scale for preorder now from Iron Studios. 

There have been a lot of Loki statues and figures announced in the last year, all of them masterfully crafted. So it takes a lot for me to be impressed with yet another rendition of Hiddleston-as-Loki, but Iron Studios has managed to do it with this President Loki release. The sculpting is spot-on to the likeness of the actor, which is even more impressive when you remind yourself that this is a smaller Tenth Scale statue. The body language and torn three-piece suit are also quite accurate, giving this piece a lot of life despite its static nature. 

The added elements of the figure’s base, with the random items that have been collected in the Loki variants’ secret bunker, are a nice touch that adds just enough setting to fill out the world and the moment from the Loki show captured by this President Loki statue. Overall, this is yet another Loki statue, but it’s impressive enough that I am once again looking forward to it.

The Iron Studios Loki – President Loki Variant 1:10 Art Scale Statue is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q4, 2022. 

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